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Jump Start Summer Camp

Concordia International School Shanghai is excited to introduce our first Jump Start Summer Camp! This special summer education course is designed for students who will be entering Kindergarten or First Grade in the fall 2019.

Jump Start Summer Camp is a unique opportunity for young learners to get ready for the new school year by engaging in English language development activities within a fun and educational summer camp setting. Children in the camp will be provided time to work together and play together while developing their use of the English language.   

Who is eligible to attend the camp?

Jump Start Summer Camp is for students entering Kindergarten and First Grade at Concordia in the Fall 2019. Summer camp sessions will be kept to small class sizes of 8-10 students and will be taught by full-time teachers from Concordia.  

Students must possess a foreign passport to enroll and attend.

How long is the camp?

Jump Start Summer Camp will run for two weeks during the 2019 summer break, July 22 to August 2 (10 total days of camp, Monday through Friday: July 22-26 and July 29-Aug 2). Camp classes will be held from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 

Where will the camp take place?

Jump Start Summer Camp will take place on the Concordia campus. Classes will be held mainly in the Elementary School and Early Childhood learning spaces.  

What is the focus of the camp?

Jump Start Summer Camp is an opportunity for Concordia students enrolled in PreK and Kindergarten during the 2018-19 school year to experience additional exposure to English before advancing to their new grade level in the fall. This immersive camp is designed to help students strengthen their English skills through intentional language development opportunities taught by qualified Concordia teachers. The camp will focus on language development through the following areas: 

Area 1 - Music and Movement  

Area 2 - Creative Arts  

Area 3 - Love for Literacy  

Area 4 - Games for Skills and Strategy  

How much does the camp cost?

Jump Start Summer Camp costs 11,000 RMB. The camp is designed to run for two weeks; one- week camp options are not available. Summer Camp includes lunch and a snack each day. Busing to and from camp is not provided. No refunds available after May 17. 

How do I register for the camp?

We are taking a limited number of students (only 40) in the camp and we are offering this opportunity to our Concordia community first. Please register by filling out the form to the right on this page to reserve your spot or sign-up in the Finance Office on the 3rd Floor of the Upper Building. If there are still available spots after March 29, the school will open registration to families outside of Concordia. 


If you have questions, please e-mail Doug Grove at doug.grove@concordiashanghai.org.  

Jump Start Summer Camp Sign-Up