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Student Media Services

Peer Mentoring
Students facilitate explorations, empowering peers to explore their passions.
Authentic Learning
Student production teams manage projects for clients within our community. Check out our media.
Media Streaming

Students produce and direct programming to support live events, extending our global community.

SMS is driven by students, fueled by passion and directed by curiosity. This is not a traditional Co-Curricular Activity (CCA). While the organization sponsors regular open meetings or anyone who is interested, the leaders of the Student Interest Groups (SIGs) organize the majority of the activities. SIGs then set their own objectives for each semester and organize their own calendar based upon the time the participants have available. Collaboration times are before school, during study halls, at lunch, after school or on weekends. Unlike other CCAs, students are not required to attend all meetings of their SIG(s); however, the leaders and peers will be the first to let you know, if your peers are counting on you, you need to follow through or hand off your responsibilities to someone else in a timely manner.

Student Interest Groups (SIGs)

SMS is the umbrella organization for many Student Interest Groups (SIGs). These SIGs offer organization, structure and support as students work on explorations or productions of their own design. The work is all student-directed and student-led with Mr. Johnston, peers and community experts coaching them through their inquiry or design-based activities.

Recording Studio: Design & Production

This interest group will focus on putting together a recording studio space including technological and musical equipment. Also, it will be responsible for the production of music created using the studio, and hopefully produce Concordia’s very own album.

Web Services

This interest group will facilitate the system of Concordia through online programs. Students will be given free, and unconstrained space to discover and register school programs. Students will be able to plan and execute school-related programs online. All of these activities will happen through web development.

United Herald

Student Media Services will be collaborating with United Herald CCA. The "United Herald Broadcasting" pane on can be found here.


This group will first focus on learning the basics of animation, which would mostly pertain to adobe flash animation. We will also go through 3D animation, after effects and different types of animation styles. After learning how to use these apps effectively, we will begin to take on tasks and create our own animations to showcase to the Concordia community.

Music Composition

This interest group will work on composition skills on music. This year, we will specifically look at seven genres that are very different from each other. Members will explore one genre a month. Every once in a while, there will be a project request from outside and inside of SMS. Then, the composition project will be divided by the group leader, who will decide based on each composer’s composing genre specializations.

Photoshop: Sports Edit

This interest group is providing Photoshop and Photography services for the community. While producing APAC posters, Canvas tutorials and other electronic art, this group is learning about Managing Projects, Teams and Client Relationships; as well as computer aided design, photography, color, printing, photoshop, production, scheduling and logistics.

String Quartet

In the school year 2016-2017, the String Quartet group will:

1. Explore different types of musical performance
2. Perform in concerts and the recording studio
3. Produce authentic instrumental music

*Please note this group is specifically for string players*

Motion Graphics

The Motion Graphics team will focus on creating quality moving graphics for videos, utilizing software such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Foundry Nuke. This group’s purpose is to create videos to service the school and to foster interests in motion graphics. This Student Interest Group "MoGraph" is led by Yoochan Shin, class of 2019.


This interest group will practice algorithm computing, and help students in AP Computer Science (Principles) with their work. The interest group will be involved in programming through the Canadian Computing Contest and other projects.

Video Production

The interest group will work on running live events, and organizing production for many SMS and non-SMS projects.

Media Produced by Student Media Services (SMS)

This video was produced Student Media Services (SMS).
Interviews: by 7th & 8th grade students.
Editing: SMS Producers & United Herald Reporters.
Original Music: SMS Music Composition Student Interest Group.
Eric Johnston - SMS Faculty Advisor & Coach
A Concordia innovation, this new annual event is produced by the Student Media Services, Student Interest Group: "Hacking". Founded by: Yilou Li, class of 2017; Kevin Jin, class of 2019; Danny Kong class of 2017 and Charlie Kong of 2017.
Faculty Advisor and Coach: Eric Johnston
A Student Media Services Production
Produced and Edited by Nick Ho, class 2019
Production and Editing Assistance by Kevin Jin, class of 2019
Animation by YooChan Shin, class of 2019
Videography by United Herald High School Journalists, and 8th grade students
Faculty Advisor and Coach: Eric Johnston

Design Lab

At the heart of Student Media Services (SMS), the Design Lab has workstations equal to those available in ivy-league universities, and is equipped with production equipment and software used by leaders in the industry. Here students manage the school’s inventory of professional cameras, media production equipment and design systems. This is the same equipment and software used by leaders in the industry and our workstations are equal to those available in most ivy-league university labs. Middle School and High School students are welcome to use the lab and check out equipment.

"Finding Kuliang"

(Selected images)
Kuliang is a town near Fuzhou in Fujian Province with an interesting history which brought together the Chinese and American/European families and cultures in a spirit of peace and friendship. Produced by Mr. Johnston's students for the community in collaboration with the Kuliang government.

SMS: Motion Graphics

SMS Motion Graphics - TrIBES 2016
SMS Motion Graphics - Table Tennis
SMS Motion Graphics - Volleyball
Hackathon MoGraph 2016.mp4
Motion graphic titles created by SMS.

SMS Events

SMS Open House
SMS Lightning Talks
Posters Produced by SMS.
The content on this page is a work in progress. The copy is written by SMS. The media is produced by SMS and the page is maintained by SMS.