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Student Media Services

Peer Mentoring
Students facilitate explorations, empowering peers to explore their passions.
Authentic Learning
Student production teams manage projects for clients within our community.
Media Streaming

Students produce and direct livestreaming to support Concordia events, extending our global community.

SMS is driven by students, fueled by passion and directed by curiosity. It is definitely not a traditional Co-Curricular Activity (CCA). The leaders of the Student Interest Groups (SIGs) organize the majority of the activities and projects. Collaboration times are before school, during study halls, at lunch, after school or on weekends.

SMS Celebration

With over 25% of the high school student body involved in Student Media Services, this celebration video gives us only a glimpse into the immense creativity that is expressed at Concordia.

A Graphics Sampler

Produced by Principia, the SMS Motion Graphics SIG, this short presentation conveys some of the student-driven work that embodies the principles of Student Media Services.

Student Interest Groups (SIGs)

SMS is the umbrella organization for many Student Interest Groups (SIGs). These SIGs offer organization, structure and support as students work on explorations or productions of their own design. The work is all student-directed and student-led with Mr. Lavender, peers and community experts coaching them through their inquiry or design-based activities.

Lab Monitors

A specially selected group of students have offered one block in their schedule to assist visitors to the Digital Maker Space. These students can facilitate solutions to queries about photo editing, video production, graphics, audio recording and other technical activities.

United Herald

United Herald provides videography and photography services for documenting events within the Concordia community. Members strive to develop imaging and editing skills as they mentor others in this creative and satisfying field.

Music Composition

This interest group develops composition skills on music. Every once in a while, there will be a project request from outside and inside of SMS. Then the composition project will be organized by the team leader, who will decide based on each composer’s composing genre specializations.


This interest group develops capacity within the Concordia community to offer livestream and livecapture services for major events. Past achievements include APAC Boys Soccer Championships, a high school musical production and high school graduation.

Visual Graphics

This interest group is providing Photoshop and Photography services for the community. While producing APAC posters, Canvas tutorials and other electronic art, this group is learning about Managing Projects, Teams and Client Relationships; as well as computer aided design, photography, color, printing, photoshop, production, scheduling and logistics.

Video Producers

The emphasis of this Student Interest Group is to develop the capacity among its members to facilitate edited videos with high production values. Working with footage provided by Concordia clients and through United Herald, editors co-ordinate the efforts of other SMS groups where needed to create videos of varying lengths and purposes.

Principia - Motion Graphics

The Principia Motion Graphics team creates quality moving graphics for videos, utilizing software such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Foundry Nuke. This group’s purpose is to create videos to service the school and to foster interests in motion graphics.

Game Development

This interest group designs interactive graphics-based video games from scratch. Emphasis is on the learning process, with a quality playable product as an important secondary objective.

Experimenting and Mentorship

Students learn, take creative risks and explore their areas of interest. SMS Filmmaking exemplifies these ideals.

Connecting Lives Through Livestream

The phenomenon of “live” TV lives on through livestreaming. Meet the students who bring Concordia events to the world.

"Finding Kuliang"

Kuliang is a town near Fuzhou in Fujian Province with an interesting history which brought together the Chinese and American/European families and cultures in a spirit of peace and friendship. A documentary was produced by Mr. Johnston's students for the community in collaboration with the Kuliang government. This project was celebrated with public displays both in Shanghai and in Kuliang. These are some selected images celebrating the project.

Digital Maker Space

At the heart of Student Media Services (SMS), the Digital Maker Space augments personal computing equipment with workstations equipped software used by leaders in the industry. Students manage the school’s inventory of high-quality cameras, lighting, microphones and livestreaming technology. An audio studio, a video studio, a virtual-reality studio and a multi-purpose space are all available to digital makers in the Concordia community.