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Middle School

Middle School

Learning fair play and building interpersonal skills are key components of our middle school co-curricular offerings. There’s truly something for everyone! 4-5 weeks before each session, an electronic sign-up link is posted for students to make their requested selections.

Activities & Clubs

YEP Service Club (G5-G6)

In the Youth Empowering Progress (YEP) Club, youth empower progress through education and human care projects. Elementary, middle and high school students collaborate to research the needs in China and implement our plan to serve. Come join us in serving!

Math Club (G5-G6)

Students in the Math Club work with logic and fun math problems. Students will also participate in Math Counts and possibly participate in other local math competitions.

Chess Club (G5-G6)

The Chess Club is an opportunity for students to learn chess fundamentals while having fun. Instructional topics will cover opening strategies, open vs. closed positions, strategic vs. positional concepts, knights vs. bishops, pawn promotions and endgame strategies. During club meetings, the facilitator will give a brief lesson focusing on a particular topic/theme and then dismiss students to play against each other and/or the facilitator. The ultimate goal is for students to develop a love for the game while improving their skills and making new friends.

Traditional Chinese Games Club (G5-G6)

The Traditional Chinese Games Club is a place where students can learn how to play a variety of Chinese games and the strategies needed to master them. Students will learn to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing during the games.


Robotics Club (G5-G6)

The Robotics Club involves designing, building and programming robots using Lego Mindstorms EV3. In addition to becoming better problem solvers, students will develop the skills needed to succeed in the First Lego League in G7-G8.

Board Games (G5-6)

World Scholar's Cup (G5-G8)

World Scholar’s Cup is an international organization that hosts academic tournaments in which teams of three compete in four academic events such as writing and team debate. At Concordia, we meet weekly during the fall CCA session in preparation for the regional competition that falls on a Saturday and Sunday in the spring. During the fall, we have practice debates during each session. We will also go over the tournaments writing expectations. 

Art Club (G5-6)

MS Magazine (G7-G8)

A small group of committed students will be led through the steps necessary to write and publish via social media, from concept development to the final edited draft. This is a great opportunity to highlight the amazing things the Middle School accomplished during the year.

First Lego League (G7-G8)

FIRST LEGO League® (FLL) challenges kids to think like scientists and engineers. They will build, test and program an autonomous robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology to solve a set of missions. Throughout their experience, teams will operate under FLL’s signature set of Core Values, celebrating discovery, teamwork and gracious professionalism®.

MS Model United Nations (G7-G8)

Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the U.N. General Assembly. Students assume the role of ambassador to a country that is assigned to them by the conference. They research and write resolutions which address world problems. Students learn diplomatic techniques such as working together to pass resolutions, as well as how to lobby and merge their ideas with others to form stronger ideas overall. Students may participate in several conferences a year: local, regional and international.

AutoCAD Computer Design(G7-G8)

Fitness Boot Camp (G7-G8)

Do you like to work out? Do you need to train for an upcoming sport? We will do various work out routines such as those used in boot camp and spinning classes. We will also utilize Concordia's fitness room. All levels of fitness welcome! There will be an individualized workout plan based on what results you are looking for; this will include cardio and weight workouts.

Gradening (G7-8)

Battle of the Books (G7-8)

Music Clubs & Ensembles

Alleluia Singers (G7-G8)

Alleluia Singers is available to any Grade 7 or 8 student who would like to sing! Come one, come all!

Ambassador Singers (G5-G8)

Ambassador Singers is available to any Grade 5 or 6 student who would like to sing! Come one, come all!

MS Musical (G5-G8)

Any middle school student is welcome to audition for the Middle School Musical! More information will be shared once a show is chosen and audition plans have been finalized.

P H U Z I O N (G6-G8)

The Concordia International School Shanghai Middle School Jazz Band is a performing group primarily open first to middle school band students, but also welcomes students outside of the band program who play piano, electric guitar and bass guitar.


Concordia middle school students have the opportunity to participate in sports activities organized through the China International School Sports Association (CISSA). There are organized practices and competitions in Cross Country, Table Tennis, Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball and Track & Field.

During the first session, coaches evaluate students to divide them into equitable teams. Time commitment for each sports season involves practices, play days and a tournament date at the end of a six-week season.

In addition, middle school students can take part in a comprehensive swimming program. There are a full range of options available for all levels of swimmers, from learning to swim to a competitive swim team.

Because of our “Everyone Plays” philosophy, we have large numbers of students that participate in middle school sports. Coaches and chaperones are always needed. If you're a parent or high school student looking to volunteer, middle school sports are an excellent area for service.

Semester One Sports

MS Sports Semester One

Grade 5-6

Cross Country -- Aug. 28-Oct. 13
Soccer -- Sept. 3-Nov. 17
Table Tennis -- Oct. 23-Dec. 1

Grade 7-8

Cross Country -- Aug. 28-Oct. 13
Soccer -- Sept. 3-Nov. 17
Table Tennis -- Oct. 23-Dec. 1

Semester Two Sports

MS Sports Semester Two

Grade 5-6

Volleyball -- Feb. 14-March 21
Badminton -- Feb. 12-March 7
Track -- Mar.12-April 27
Basketball -- March 25-May 18
Softball -- April 23-May 25
Tennis -- April 15-May 20

Grade 7-8

Volleyball -- Feb. 12-March 22
Badminton -- Feb. 12-March 9
Track -- Mar.12-April 27
Basketball -- March 25-May 18
Softball -- April 23-May 25
Tennis -- April 15-May 20