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High School

High School

We have high expectations for students giving their all to academic study and to the co-curricular activities to which they commit. We have a co-curricular eligibility policy in place to ensure that neither of these aspects of our students’ lives is overlooked.

Student Council

Concordia's High School Student Council is charged with encouraging a strong sense of community within the student body while nurturing a commitment to academic excellence, service, school spirit and positive relationships.  Student Council Officers serve to model behaviors and attitudes that are consistent with Concordia's purpose, to identify and offer enriching experiences that add value to the academic, social and spiritual experience of the school, and to serve as a bridge between the interests of the student body and the administration.

Student Council includes a four-person executive committee as well as three elected representatives per class.

Student Council organizes annual events including the High School Christmas Breakfast, Olympic Week, and Study Hall Saturdays.

Honor Societies

National Honor Society (G10-G12)

The purpose of the society is to foster enthusiasm for scholarship and service and to promote the growth of character and leadership among both its members and the students in the school as a whole. Members who transfer to Concordia are automatically included in the local chapter. Students are engaged in a number of service activities including tutoring, volunteering at graduation, at the annual auction and the annual garage sale. Annual selection to NHS is held at the beginning of second semester for students in grades 10 through 12 and is based on demonstration of scholarship (GPA of 3.50 or above), character, leadership and service (100 hours). Download HS National Honor Society (PDF) for more information.

National Art Honor Society (G10-G12)

The purpose of the National Art Honor Society is to inspire and recognize those students who have shown outstanding ability in the visual arts, academic excellence in other areas of scholarship; who foster a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art, and provide service to their schools and larger community through their artistic donations. Members are inducted in the late spring. To be inducted into NAHS, one must complete 25 hours of service, maintain a certain GPAs in Studio Art and other academic courses, pay an annual dues of 100 RMB, and attend all required meetings. NAHS’s fundraising benefits Shanghai Sunrise, a non-profit program that provides educational scholarships for underprivileged children of high school age.

National English Honor Society (G10-G12)

National English Honor Society (NEHS) is devoted to promoting excellence in language arts as well as the promotion of literacy through service on a global scale. Students considered for membership must have had some of their own writing published in a newspaper, magazine, or prominent website that is associated with English studies. Eligible students must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA for all high school English courses. Students who apply should have a passion for English and a desire to share that passion with others.

National French Honor Society (Société Honoraire de Français) (G10-G12)

Members must have a passion for the French language, hold an A average in French, be in or completed 6 semesters of French, and have earned at least an overall 3.0 GPA. Students must be actively involved in French Club or in community service related to the French language or French-speaking cultures.

National Science Honor Society (G10-G12)

SNHS exists to encourage participation in and recognition of scientific and intellectual thought, to advance the students’ knowledge of classical and modern science, to communicate with the scientific community, to aid the civic community with its comprehension of science, and to encourage students to participate in community service and, in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all mankind. Download HS SHNS Science Club (PDF) for more information.

Students in grades 10 – 12 who meet minimum requirements with regard to science course, GPA, and discipline may apply early in second semester each year. Students interested in membership are encouraged to participate in SNHS sponsored activities beginning in August as part of the CISS High School Science Club.

National Spanish Honor Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica) (G10-G12)

Members must have enrolled in Spanish III or higher (with 3.3 GPA in Spanish), have an overall GPA 3.0, and demonstrate leadership, good character, and service. Past activities included student-led projects such as taco sales, organized migrant school activities, Christmas bazaar sales. Promoting Spanish language and culture.

Tri-M Music Honor Society (G10-G12)

Tri-M Music Honor Society is comprised of select music students who have met set standards for overall GPA, music class grades, service, and personal character. Tri-M members meet as needed, 1-2 times per month. Each year, Tri-M students produce and coordinate an auditioned high school talent show called, Concordia Cabaret. Application for Tri-M membership takes place in late March with Induction taking place in late April.

International Thespian Society (G10-G12)

The International Thespian Society (ITS) is designed to be an honorary organization that recognizes and rewards excellence among the participants in the theatre arts program. ITS candidates accrue merit-based points by participating in theatre productions and activities, which can lead to ITS induction. Membership is an honor and a goal to which participants in Concordia’s theatre arts program aspire. ITS members are involved in service activities and officers are elected. ITS began in the USA and is now a global organization recognizing and working with student thespians around the world. ITS is a stepping stone to the collegiate theatre honorary society, Alpha Psi Omega.


  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country
  • Golf Club
  • Table Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Track
  • Volleyball

Fine Arts

Pep Band (G9-G12)

Members of HS Concert and Jazz Bands
Pep Band members play at home basketball games and perform at school pep assemblies. Recent performances included YMCA, Thriller, Smoke on Water and the Concordia Fight Song. Pep Band is open to any HS Band member.

Annual Musical-Pit Orchestra Ensemble (G9-G12)

Members of HS Band and Orchestra
Auditions for the Musical-Pit Orchestra Ensemble are held in January to prepare musical accompaniments for the annual HS spring musical in April. Past musicals include Kiss Me Kate and Aida.

Phoenix Strings (G9-G12)

This auditioned string quartet performs at functions within the greater Shanghai area, as well as school functions and concerts.

Men’s Ensemble Choir (G9-G12)

The Men’s Ensemble Choir meets before school to practice; no auditions required. Participants perform in two concerts per school year. Recent selections include Shenandoah; Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair; and Shady Grove.

Women’s Ensemble Choir (G9-G12)

The Women’s Ensemble Choir meets before school to practice; no auditions required. Participants perform in two concerts per school year. Recent selections include Dancing Day by John Rutter, accompanied with the harp; Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Weber; and Simple Song from Mass by Leonard Bernstein.

HS Fall Play (G9-G12)

Auditions will be held Aug. 21 and 22. Rehearsals run four days a week after school, Aug. 26 until production. Additional technical positions include stage manager, assistant director, crew positions—lighting, sound, set construction, costumes, make-up and more.

Visit the High School Theatre page for more information.

HS Spring Musical (G9-G12)

Stage auditions and pit orchestra auditions will be held. Additional technical positions include stage manager, assistant director, crew positions—lighting, sound, set construction, costumes, make-up and more. HS Spring Play (PDF) for more information.

HS Student One-Act Play Series

During the course of Semester 1 students in the playwriting course will write 10-minute one-act plays. Students in the Advanced Acting & Directing class will serve as directors of these original one-act plays, while “Intro to Theatre” students fill backstage roles that work with lighting, sound, design, props, costumes, and more. In December, there will be an Open Audition to any Concordia HS student for roles in the one-act plays. This is a great opportunity for theatre involvement without the commitment to a full production! The plays will be evaluated by non participating Concordia faculty so students receive feedback on their work. Awards will include Outstanding Performance by an Actor and Actress, Outstanding Direction, Best Play and Best Design.

Visit the High School Theatre page for more information.

Phoenix Dancers (G7-G12)

The team practices twice a week during the first semester. The Phoenix Dancers perform at school, community and charity events. The culminating performance is the Concordia Dance Gala, which raises money to support the efforts of a local charity.

iLens Photography Club

Photographs capture the moments that are very valuable priceless. The purpose of the club serves to help capture essence of moments in Concordia students’ life, and help to them to make their memory a more lively one. This club will encourage, and help Concordia members to capture their life and experience in this country/city that they might be leaving one day.
In Concordia, everyone cherishes this opportunity to live in this wonderful and loving environment, and through taking pictures of our surrounding, we will be able to spread our feelings with many others. The club would focus on letting the Concordia community experience the power of observation, and how their live can be much more interesting and meaningful, as they seek out beauty in life through the lenses. These pictures and the emotions and ideas behind them will allow this community to be much more lively and tightly knitted , as we start to see our daily life in others' perspectives, and stand in others' shoes.


High School Student Ambassadors (G9-G12)

The High School Ambassadors’ mission is to “unite the Concordia community by actively welcoming new students, creating a friendly school environment, embracing diversity and helping at school functions.” Each Ambassador is paired with a new student in order to answer questions and assist with transition to Concordia. Additionally, Ambassadors serve the school community by greeting visiting teams, assisting with outgoing transition events and representing the school at special events.

Chinese Club (G9-G12)

Concordia’s Chinese Club gives students opportunities to learn about and appreciate Chinese culture and language.

Concordia Speech and Debate Team/Forensics (G9-G12)

Forensics (or 4N6, as we like to call it) is composed of students who audition for places on the Concordia Speech and Debate Team to compete in APAC Forensics. Auditions for team selection are held early in the school year. Students are encouraged to prepare for and compete in up to three of the events offered at the tournament. The events include: Original Oratory (students write and perform an original persuasive speech), Impromptu (students must think on their feet and compose and deliver a speech on a given general topic), Extemporaneous Speaking (students must be well read on current events and be prepared to draft and deliver a short persuasive speech on a given issue), Oral Interpretation (students prepare a selected prose or poetry piece and delivers it), Solo Acting (students memorize and perform a dramatic piece prepared ahead of time) and Debate (a team of two students research a given topic and debate other teams). 4N6 is fun, exciting and a great way to improve communication skills.

Fellowship of Concordia Athletes (FCA)

Ready! Set! Go! Let the workout begin. Come and become a part of Concordia’s first FCA Huddle. Huddles will provide opportunities to grow as a leader and participate in athletic service opportunities both within Concordia and the local community.

FIRST Robotics (G9-G12)

FIRST Robotics provides students with the opportunity to build and compete with a robot of their own design. Students learn and use sophisticated software and hardware and in the process experience project management, programming and teamwork.

French Club (G9-G12)

Concordia’s French Club provides opportunities for students to learn about and appreciate the culture of French-speaking countries.

Global Issues Network (G9-G12)

Focusing upon the world’s most pressing needs, students in the Global Issues Network (GIN) Club discuss, debate and develop a deeper understanding of the connections that exist between the issues and create cooperative initiatives to solve these problems. Concordia participates in the annual Global Issues Network Conference that is sponsored by EARCOS – East Asia Regional Conference of Schools.

Growing A Future Organization (G9-G10)

GAFO is a non-profit student organization , which was established in 2005. Seeing the problems of rural Thai schools, which are under-financed and unable to provide proper education to its students, GAFO was established with a mission to construct “self–reliant” schools, independent of outside funds. The idea behind this is to “provide, not give.” Therefore, the school will have the opportunity to self-improve and gain self-sustainability rather than depend on annual donations.

Marine Ecology (G9-G12)

Are you interested in the ocean and marine ecology? For the past four years, students and teachers from Concordia have taken data on reefs near Racha Yai Island, Thailand as part of a five-year longitudinal study of reef health. Data from the study has already been published and has been used to change conservation laws in Thailand. First year participants will receive training for their PADI Open Water, PADI Advanced Open Water and Reef Check certifications. Returning participants can complete their PADI Rescue or Master Scuba Diver certifications. During the trip to Thailand in June, students complete multiple days of data collection on the reef ecosystem using a strict scientific protocol created by the Reef Check Foundation.

HS Model United Nations (G9-G12)

Concordia participates in multi-school conferences that mimic the United Nations Charter with member nations being represented by students. Students research relevant topics and prepare speeches to express their point of view.

National History Day - Senior Division (G9-G12)

During this school year, students from Concordia and other Shanghai-area high schools prepare a research paper, documentary film, website or dramatic performance based upon the year's theme. Judges award designations for exemplary work and top finishers have the opportunity to advance to the U.S. National History Day Final Contest. Volunteers are needed to serve as judges for each of the research project categories.

Physics Masterclass

The U.S. Particle Physics Masterclass is an interactive experience in which high school students currently enrolled in Concordia’s physics classes experience particle physics through the mentorship of research physicists. Starting with three hours of masterclass preparation, students engage in investigations that address how physicists use indirect evidence to explore phenomena, the Standard Model, and physics concepts that govern how particles behave. On the day of Masterclass students get an overview of particle physics history, learn about CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and interact informally with research physicists while analyzing real CERN data. In the day’s investigation, students analyze event displays to learn more about LHC data. After the analysis, students discuss results among themselves and with the physicist(s) and teacher(s). The students join a world-wide video conference in which they discuss results with students at other institutions who have analyzed similar data. Through discussions, students are able to elevate their analysis of event displays to achieve a greater understanding of particle physics. By engaging in these aspects of scientific research, students increase their scientific literacy.

Quiz Bowl (G9-G12)

Do you know the location of the Atacama Desert?
Do you know about the dispute between Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz?
Can you name the Renaissance man known for painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling and sculpting David?
Which treaty was earlier, the Treaty of Versailles or the Treaty of Paris?

If you know the answers to these questions or have thousands of random facts floating around in your brain you should be in Quiz Bowl. In Quiz Bowl, teams of four to six students compete to answer questions from all high school academic areas as well as the occasional current events, pop culture or sports question. Competitions may be single or multi-day events.

Science Club (G9-G12)

The Science Club is open to students who have an interest in science and want to be involved in activities that promote science.

Spanish Club (G8-G12)

The Spanish Club is open to students in Grades 8 through 12 and meets on average three times per month usually during lunch or on Saturdays. Spanish Club introduces students to language and cultural experiences related to Spanish-speaking countries. Past activities have included: cooking Spanish and Mexican food, playing language games, watching movies and TV shows in Spanish, a Mexican-themed Christmas party, Latin dancing, taco sales for charity, Spanish-language based games (Boggle, Banana grams etc), Mexican Independence Day celebration and making piñatas.

YEP Club (G2-G12)

Students of all grade levels can work together to support projects through Concordia’s flagship charity—originally named the Yunnan Education Project. Youth empower progress in rural China through education and human-care projects. Concordia students will build friendships with YEP scholarship recipients and enjoy various ways to be involved with YEP efforts. This multi-grade level club fosters interaction with students from other grade levels—providing older students with leadership opportunities and providing younger students with mentors from whom they can also learn leadership skills.


United Herald Broadcasting (G9-G12)

United Herald Broadcasting is a student-run initiative that serves as a herald for high school information, brings greater unity and school spirit during school events, and entertains the hard-working student population. Centered upon the grounds of Broadcast Journalism, this organization also provides motivated students with the opportunity to express their talents in writing, speaking, and using technology. Students are involved in producing, script writing, anchoring, filming, and editing.

Yearbook Club (G9-G12)

Learn the process of publication, from planning to page to print. Have a hand in creating the book that will stand as a record of your high school career. Help determine what to emphasize and highlight as you give your memories permanence. For those with an interest in design, layout, editing or photography, there is something for everyone joining the yearbook club. Meeting dates are determined by staff; different sections may meet independently of each other, so drop in any day after school.

Zeitgeist Magazine (G9-G12)

Zeitgeist is Concordia’s outstanding literary and arts magazine. A student initiative that was founded in 2011, this magazine allows students to express ideas and opinions through news and feature articles, creative writing, photography and visual arts. It aims to inspire thoughtful dialogue and to serve as a space where students can engage in mature, sophisticated conversations about issues that are relevant and important. We publish 3-4 issues of Zeitgeist each academic year.