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Co-Curricular Program

Concordia's Co-Curricular Activity Program (CCA) is led by school staff, volunteer parents, or one of the many qualified organizations available to us in Shanghai. Our diverse program is fun, engaging and educational. Students are highly encouraged to be involved. CCAs are held on campus from 3:20 PM until 4:20 PM for elementary students and to 5:30 PM for many of our middle and high school student groups.

The CCA information detailed below reflects the wide array of past and present programs. Please note that availability of any individual club or activity is subject to change.

Student Eligibility

Eligibility Policy

Initial eligibility for participation in significant (sport seasons, major dramatic productions, MUN participation, conference/convention participation, etc) co-curricular activities will be determined through a review of the student progress report/report card issued prior to the co-curricular in question. In the case of beginning of school year activities, the prior year-end final grade for each course will be used to determine eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any student with two or more F’s on a report card will be ineligible to participate in the next co-curricular season.
  • Any student with one F and two or more D’s on a report card will be ineligible to participate in the next co-curricular season.
  • For a mid-term determination of eligibility: The Principal, Assistant Principal and Counselor will review any student’s progress reports that demonstrate the above grades for eligibility consideration.

Roles of Administrators

Counselor's Role
  • To create bi-weekly student at-risk report.
  • To meet with the Assistant Principal after every progress reporting period
    (every two weeks) to discuss at-risk students.
Assistant Principal's Role
  • To meet with each student declared ineligible.
  • To send a letter home to parents to be signed indicating their understanding of their child’s ineligible status.
Principal's Role
  • To meet with the assistant principal and counselor prior to every major activity “sign-up” to review the list of at-risk students to confirm ineligible status.