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We work to harness the potential that technology offers and capitalize on the multitude of non-school technology skills that our students bring to the classroom through careful utilization of age-appropriate tools for “office” productivity, research, collaboration, media creation, and more. We work with parents and students to build a community where collaboration empowers differentiated learning and where students are inspired and challenged to see themselves as creators of ideas as well as recipients of knowledge.

Tech in the Classrooms

We supply students with a multitude of resources and supervised access to the Internet in the classroom. Each classroom is equipped with audio/visual equipment (touch-screen display or projector) and wireless Internet connectivity. Access to printers, cameras and microphones, and other devices is available as needed.

Laptop Program

Concordia requires families to provide their Grade 6 through 12 student access to an Apple laptop computer for use at school on a daily basis. For more information, please read through Laptop Program details. Note that students in Grade 5 and below will use school-owned laptops and/or iPads and that these devices remain on the Concordia campus.

Tech Support

While many schools provide computers, there is rarely the type of necessary support and understanding to utilize technology to truly propel student learning to another level. Concordia has a dedicated Tech Hub (Help Desk office) with nine full-time support staff to manage the laptop program, audio/visual equipment and facilities, school email, and general technology infrastructure. Concordia also has Digital Literacy Coaches to help guide student and teacher growth in tech skills and to promote positive and successful use of technology in the classroom.

For help, visit the Tech Hub in H227 (space shared with the PC Library) or contact our tech team at tech@concordiashanghai.org .

Video Studio

We have a video studio equipped with specialized lighting, HD prosumer cameras on professional tripods, director-to-camera operator intercom, wireless microphones, and control booth equipment including a TricasterTM video system, which is similar to what you would find in a television or sports newsroom. (The TricasterTM is used by the NBA in the U.S.) A TricasterTM enables students to mix video and insert backgrounds and also to broadcast high-quality live video throughout the campus network and YouTubeTM-quality video for the web as well. The studio also incorporates “green walls” so that our budding videographers can produce full-body green-screen video. We also have full-body “green suits” for special projects.

EdTech Podcast

The Concordia EdTech Podcast is a collaborative presentation by Concordia’s Digital Literacy Coaches. Each week we discuss the latest headlines in Educational Technology and interview an innovative individual or company. We also toss in a free tech tip of the week.

There are two great ways to get the Podcasts:

Tech Code

The Concordia Technology & Information Use Code (Concordia Tech Code or Tech Code) is a guide to help ensure that use of technology and information, both at school and at home, is a positive and productive part of the learning experience. The Tech Code also highlights the fact that technology and information use at Concordia is a privilege, not a right, and that this privilege comes with responsibilities. Each student and his/her parent/guardian must agree to the Tech Code each year.

Note: This is an overarching Concordia Tech Code. A simplified version with more age-appropriate terminology is available for ES students in the ES Student Handbook and more division-focused versions are included in the MS & HS Student Handbooks.