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Physical Education- More than Just Sports

Parkour, Crossfit, Line Dancing, Invasion Games, Rock-climbing.  For must of these were not part of our Physical Education experience when we were in school.  However, at Concordia, our Middle School students are doing much more than learning traditional sports- they are working on learning skills and strategies for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Our three physical education teachers are quick to point out that they are not just "coaches," but rather teachers whose subject matter is human wellness.  Here in our Middle School, students take as much time learning PE as they do Math, Science, Music, and Mandarin- and these skills are equally important in the development of healthy and intelligent students.  In fact, 15 minutes of exercise before a test is proven to raise scores, help retention, and calm test anxiety.  Knowing how to stretch properly can increase blood flow the brain and improve focus.  The skills learned in PE actually help students be successful in all of their other classes.

So this weekend, when your students come home and you ask about what they learned in school today, be specific and ask about PE!