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Outbreak! Grade 8 Epidemic!

Do you recall H1N1 or the SARS outbreaks?   

This past Wednesday, Dr. Todd Brown, a U.S Congressional Teacher of the Year and nominee for the CNN Heroes award by Harvard University, shared his recent Operation Outbreak project which began in 2016 at Sarasota Military Academy Prep school.

Todd created this module to teach middle school students ‘the mechanisms for outbreak response and containment from the perspective of public health and governance.’

As part of their professional development, grade 8 teachers worked with Todd to design an interdisciplinary unit – the ‘outbreak simulation.’

During the workshop, led by Todd, grade 8 teachers worked to plan a similar experiential learning experience for students in the spring. Students will learn how to respond in a real-world outbreak scenario, rapidly work as a team to address a critical health issue and interface with various groups (government, epidemiologists, military, triage, etc.) to contain the virus. 

Todd and his team developed an app that simulates pathogen transmission over Bluetooth.

Using this app, students will become infected asymptomatic, infected and sick, or infected and critically ill…or even death.

During the workshop, teachers learned about various infectious disease outbreaks and how to aid researchers in determining the response to a real-life pandemic. This platform integrates an academic unit covering science, math, economics and humanities.

Students will become epidemiologists, journalists, policymakers, biologists and public health officials in the process.

Watch this video to understand Project Outbreak:  https://www.o2.education/

If you have any resources or contacts that will add value to this student experience, please contact a grade 8 teacher.