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MS Science Students Discover Fastest Way to Burn Calories

To transition units from Energy to Chemistry students burned different foods (cereals, chips, and sugars) to find out just how much energy is stored in the food.  After weighing 3 grams of each of the food categories, students burned the food to raise the temperature of the water in the test tube.  Taking the average change of temperature, the students then used a math calculation to discover how much energy is in the food! 

Some of the other interesting data they found was how long the food burned, the smell of the burning food, and how much oil dripped out of the chips (and that was just 3 grams—and who really eats just 3 grams of Doritos?).  So what food is better for you if you want good stored energy to use throughout the day?  The results are in so be sure to ask a Grade 8 student!