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Middle School Chinese New Year Cultural Experience!

This Friday, in addition to the whole school Chinese New Year assembly, all Middle School students will participate in 3 traditional Chinese cultural activities to help them appreciate and learn more about Concordia's Host Country.

All students will participate in a Calligraphy lesson, where they will learn both the artistic and cultural importance of this traditional Chinese art.  Students will have a chance to try their hand at creating their own calligraphy pieces to bring home and help celebrate the New Year.

In addition, students will have a Tai Chi lesson, taught by friend of Concordia and Tai Chi Master, Luca Zheng.  Zheng Lao Shi will demonstrate basic Tai Chi moves as well as review key principles of Tai Chi and its importance in Chinese culture.

Lastly, students will experience the Chinese Food Fair- a chance for all students to do one of their favorite Middle School activities- eat!  This event is also open to the public, so parents, please feel free to stop by and try traditional Chinese cuisine researched, cooked, and presented by our amazing Middle School Students.

Happy Year of the Pig!