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An Unforgettable Experience- Grade 8 Field Trip to Nanjing

Forgivable, but Unforgettable

-John Rabe

Grade 8 students traveled to Nanjing for a two-day field experience visiting the Nanjing Memorial Museum and learning about the Amity Foundation.

As part of our “Unity and Division” unit, students were guided through the Nanjing Memorial Museum in reverence to the 300,000 civilians that followed six weeks of atrocities.  The stories, visuals and relics remind us that the purpose of division is to destroy; the purpose of unity is to forgive. Love prevails.

As we solemnly exited the museum, the statue at the end stood boldly – speaking of peace and hope that remain – a promise that we as a Concordia community have the responsibility keep alive.

In addition, students learned about the Amity Foundation and printing press, an independent Chinese social development organization created in 1985 on the initiative of Chinese Christians to promote education, social service, health, community development and civil society building from China’s coastal provinces in the east to the minority areas of the west. Amity Foundation is one of the earliest established homegrown NGOs in China following China’s Reform and Opening-up to the Outside World.


a) Over 810,000 people benefited from Amity’s rural integrated development, education and orphan fostering, social welfare and other projects implemented in 26 provinces, cities and autonomous regions.

b) Amity’s Bible printing ministry has kept a steady growth, and 13.87 million copies of the Bible were printed in 2015.

Quote from grade 8 student regarding our field experience:

Daniel W.: Going to the Nanjing Massacre Museum felt like walking in a delicate China shop; everything was fragile, sensitive, solemn – it was like meeting the dark face of humanity – and in the end, being met with the presence of forgiveness, hope and peace.

 Through this field experience, grade 8 students deepened their understanding of China – our host country – the atrocities of war and hatred, and the profound, lasting effects of peace, love and hope.

Love never fails.