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Flexible Environment

From Parent Coffees to individual study, our flexible learning environments offer creativity and function.

Engaging Resources

With over 10,000 e-books, 70 databases, 40,000 books in print, and dozens of magazines and newspapers, we offer a rich diverse collection to our community.

Empowering Readers

Whether it's a traditional book or digital resource, we have a story for everyone.

The Concordia libraries are flexible spaces where students, faculty and the community can read, connect, collaborate, learn, create, study, investigate, reflect or just be. Students in the library are learning in different environments from virtually to collaboration and to individual investigation. Our librarians support the school’s academic rigor by teaching research skills. By continuously curating a rich collection of print and digital resources, the librarians meet the diverse needs of the Concordia learning community. With flexible spaces, equipment, advice, research options to get expert information, and access to exciting literature, the librarians strive for all members of the Concordia community to become lifelong learners—critical thinkers who are ethical users and creators of information.

Your Concordia Libraries

Meet Your Library Staff

Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman

High School/Middle School Librarian
Helen Hong

Helen Hong

Library Administrative Assistant
Amanda Kuang

Amanda Kuang

Library Technical Services Assistant
Lisa Toner

Lisa Toner

Elementary Librarian
Teresa Yeh

Teresa Yeh

Library Technical Assistant

Library Hours

Elementary Library

Monday-Friday 7:45 AM--4:00 PM*

*Closed every Wednesday afternoon for faculty meetings.

Phoenix Library

Monday-Thursday 7:45 AM--5:00 PM

Friday 7:45 AM--4:30 PM

Contact Us

Elementary Library

Email: library@concordiashanghai.org

Phone: +8621 5899 0380 ext. 7822

Phoenix Library

Email: library@concordiashanghai.org

Phone: +8621 5899 0380 ext. 7860

Library Policies

Who can use the library?

The entire Concordia community has access to all the resources held by the Concordia libraries. Please refer to the circulation policies for each member group.

How do I locate library resources?

Access to our library resources can be found through:

Destiny Online Catalog



How long can I keep borrowed resources?

Loan period for resources differ by type:

Print Materials: 2 weeks

Audio Visual: 1 week*

*Parents are required to check-out audio visual materials for ES students.

How can I renew borrowed resources?

Items can be renewed up to two times. Renewing resources can occur by:

Phone: +8621` 5899 0380 ext. 7860/7822

Email: library@concordiashanghai.org

In Person: Please visit either Elementary or Phoenix Library.

Library Event Calendar

There are no events to display