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Social Sciences

We take an integrated, interdisciplinary, global and conceptual approach to the social sciences. Our courses are designed to encourage critical, creative thinking and reflective decision making. In addition to some of our unique class offerings, we offer courses that meet the needs of American studies for students intending to study in the United States.

Student historians

NHD China is an exciting way for students to present their high quality historical research to fellow students, teachers and other members of the community.

Leading change

Students in our Global Development Studies class develop a solid understanding of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and engage in Design Thinking to create projects that result in real and lasting change.


The business of compassion

Students in the Social Entrepreneurship course familiarize themselves with every aspect of what is needed to run a successful social enterprise.

General Requirements

Advanced Placement Courses

*Denotes a one semester course

Social Science Electives

*Denotes a one semester course
+Created as a result of Explorations curriculum incubator

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