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Science - HS

At Concordia, we design our science courses to help students become scientifically literate, appreciating both the value and the limitations of science and technology and encouraging responsible research regarding the efficient use of our world's resources. Courses include laboratory components to take place in one of our state-of-the-art laboratories.

An aerial view

Using the fundamental concepts of aerospace engineering, students build and test unmanned aerial vehicles after learning the history of flight and the aerospace field.

Working Independently

Students enrolled in our Independent Lab Research class independently develop and carry out life science research with the goal of having their work published or entered into a science fair.

Co-curricular connections

Robotics competitions like the MATE/ROV provides students like me with hands-on experience that develops skills that can be applied to many engineering fields.

Graduation Requirements

A third credit of science is required and may be completed by one of our AP science courses or one of our other exciting elective science course offerings.

Advanced Placement Courses

Science Electives

*Denotes a one semester course
+Created as a result of Explorations curriculum incubator

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