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This discipline is more than just a collection of skills and concepts to be mastered; today’s mathematically literate students must be able to explore, analyze, conjecture and reason logically as well. Students learn these abilities at Concordia and develop strategies for learning and using mathematics with confidence in a continually changing world.


Students with an interest and aptitude for mathematics can choose among several challenging advanced-level math electives taught by highly-qualified teachers.


Big Data

Students in this pioneering course use big data analytics to gain insights into many practical, real-life problems.

Math Sequence

Confidence and mastery are essential for advancement through Concordia's math sequence. Students are screened to determine appropriate placement.

General Requirements

Three credits in mathematics are required for graduation, with a minimum ending level of Algebra 2.

Advanced Placement Courses

Math Electives

*Denotes a one semester course
+Created as a result of Explorations curriculum incubator

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