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Personalize your education. Electives give students the opportunity to cultivate their academic personality. Many electives also count towards graduation requirements.


This year long course provides instruction and practice in advocacy and argumentation, more readily known as debate. Students train to compete in Forensics, MUN and local Shanghai debate tournaments

on in-class debating of major political and ethical issues. Students are taught case-writing, rebuttals, cross-examination skills, analytical thinking and political and moral philosophy. Students are required to self-confidence, improve communication, research, writing and public speaking skills and gain an appreciation of the relationship between the advocacy of world issues and the argumentation required to pursue policy and change. Advanced option possible for students who have already taken Debate

Duration: 1 Year
Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: One year of High School Social Science

Digital Productions

This course is for communicators, movie-makers, and budding journalists. This full-year course will explore mass communications and the business of media production in our digitally connected world. We will work extensively in Concordia’s Design Lab, learning how to design, produce and distribute media. After mastering basic video and audio production skills, we will learn how to apply these skills to practical authentic learning projects, by taking on internal “clients” within our school. Students will be introduced to basics of media business practices: how to prepare for a first client meeting; how to plan and manage will complete weekly production assignments as well as an independent Semester project. Emphasis will be on the production process, managing projects to insure on-time completion, production values and effectiveness of message.

Duration: 2 Semester
Credit: 1.0
Prerequisite: None