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High School Handbook


At Concordia, we view every student as a gift from God, entrusted to us by parents, and are committed in stewardship to educate students holistically in a nurturing environment that includes comprehensive and challenging opportunities in academics, creative arts, spirituality, athletics, co-curricular activities, and service.


Failure to read this handbook does not excuse students from the rules, expectations and procedures contained in it. Personal factors, illness or contradictory advice from any source is not an acceptable reason for seeking exemption from the contents of this handbook.


Welcome to Concordia’s High School!

Dear Parents,

I am truly honored to welcome each of you to another exciting year here at Concordia High School.
Whether this is your first year or your 4th year, we each have an equally important part to play in the upcoming journey. Our success will soon come as we all delve into and explore our own individual and collective experiences.
At Concordia, we strive for authentic, purposeful experiences for each of our students. These tailored experiences, inside and outside the classroom, serve as a powerful learning model that, when wrapped in relationships, help students grow and achieve to their strongest potential. We strive to provide these experiences each and every day because we believe that they will serve as the foundation of your learning, not only for today, but well into your future.
As such, the following pages of our handbook reveal a bounty of resources and information that will maximize your journey and experiences this year. Obviously, the collection of documents and information is not exhaustive nor is it a single source that drives what we do here at Concordia. This handbook is designed more as a guidebook to the journey that awaits each of us, both individually and as a group. As a starting point, it serves as a collective understanding that will serve as a framework for all the amazing things we will do this school year.
In preparation for the journey in front of us, we are asking that each of our community members, parents and students alike, take some time and invest in understanding the expectations laid out in these documents. No matter if you are new to our community or a familiar face, we all are taking a new and exciting journey together as we approach the 2019-2020 school year. As this new chapter unfolds in front of us, may this be the best year yet!

Aaron Chowning
High School Principal