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PM Session (1:30-3:20)

10 Day (9th Grade ONLY) Explorations

Introduction to Disease - Mrs. Mahoney, Mr. Gordon, Mrs. Love
We combine lab work with research, current events, and discussion to explore different aspects of infectious disease. This year the focus will be on antibiotic resistance, eradicated diseases, their historical legacies, and the resurgence of some pathogens that were once considered eradicated.

Know Thyself: Meditation and Metacognition- Mr. Carter
Meditative practice and reflective exercises that develop your self-awareness as a learner & human being. Come to understand what the internal dialogue is and why it is so important. Master tools to direct that dialogue toward positive outcomes. Learn how to reduce your stress and increase your academic and personal success.

Modern Weaving - Mrs. Collins
Come explore the traditional art of weaving in a creative and modern way. Weaving can be done by anyone as a fun and relaxing form of art. Students will be introduced to the art of weaving through a beginner project that demonstrates the basics of weaving and knotting as well as pattern and texture development. After mastering the basics, students will explore hand-dying processes to create their own color palettes as well as the use of unconventional materials for a unique look. The final project will be a wall hanging made with the student's chosen materials. 

Rock and Roll - Performance and History - Mr. Richmond
Think "School of Rock," but with a bit more school and only a little less rock. Popular music has had a transformative effect on culture and politics throughout the 20th century. This exploration will focus on that history, while also exploring performance and interpretation of rock music. Because of the performance component, please only consider this exploration if you have a basic proficiency with guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards, or vocal performance. We may be able to finish by performing some songs from different rock traditions in a concert together. Rock on!

Shanghai Architecture - Mrs. Klammer and Dr. Tong
This exploration course is an exploration of the Shanghai Bund looking through the eyes of the architect and artist. Capturing the cityscape visually and historically using our vision, camera and the artistic stroke, students will have the opportunity to create art, learn history and develop a deeper appreciation of the city we live in.

10 Day (10th grades can join in week 2) Explorations

Introduction to Cooking and Domestic Arts- Mr. Barrientes
Can you boil water? Do you know how to cook an egg? Do you burn your toast? Learn how to do all of these things and much more in this fun, hands-on class! We will learn the basics of western cuisine, including Tex-Mex, Italian, Southern American, and nouveau French food. You will learn your way around a kitchen, including basic knife skills, how to make basic sauces, and how to season appropriately. Bring an empty stomach and your sense of adventure!

National History Day World Finals Prep - Mr. Potter, Mr. Kennedy
This exploration is for students who have advanced from NHD China and will represent Concordia at the NHD World Finals in Washington D.C. this June. During our sessions together, we will help you deepen your research as well as give you techniques and time to take your project to the next level. Teachers provide structure to help students rehearse and revise their work. Students who wish to compete to the fullest level at the NHD World Finals should take advantage of this opportunity. 

Storytelling Agency in Film - Mrs. Furth, Mr. Wiegman
Are you a fan of compelling stories? Would you like to help capture the stories behind Concordia’s service partners: CWEF and Shining Star? Well, if you like working with film, experimenting with media literacy, and are passionate about service, come be a part of our collaborative documentary team. High School teacher Dagne Furth and Middle School teacher Zach Wiegman are partnering Explorations and Inspirations, in order to create some super cool films which celebrate the heart of these amazing organizations. Utilizing stop-time animation in addition to various software editing techniques, we plan to experiment with visually depicting these inspiring narratives. So, if conducting interviews, script or screen writing, directing, producing, and/or editing meaningful stories sounds like fun, please join us! Kindly note, that while a media literacy background is not required, we would also welcome students proficient in these skills to serve in a mentorship capacity as we collaborative across divisions. This Exploration/Inspiration will culminate in a screening wherein family, friends, and community members can watch your fantastic films.

5 Day Explorations

Foundations of Sports Medicine - Mrs. Molloy, Mr. Beckman, Dr. Rizzo
Do you dream of one day helping treat injured athletes and applying your love of Science? Careers in the healthcare industry are robust and growing worldwide and this exploration will expose you to the healthcare specialty of Sports Medicine. Foundations of Sports Medicine is specifically geared for students who have a special interest in athletics and/or who may be interested in pursuing a career in sports medicine, physical therapy or other health related fields. Topics would include principles of the inflammatory cycle, mechanisms of injury, basic anatomy, pathology of injury, treatment techniques and fundamentals of rehabilitation. This exploration will include lecture and lab portions in the classroom and in the various campus sports facilities and will be a brief sample of what you can expect in university curriculum for health profession majors. Foundations of Sports Medicine is an excellent warm up if you plan to take the Applied Human Anatomy & Physiology course in your junior or senior year.

Millionaire Student: Learn How to Invest in the Stock Market - Mr. Sgourdos
Want to be a millionaire? Many people can but never do because they don’t know how. Learning how to manage money is an important skill that is often neglected in traditional education. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the basics on investing to set yourself up for long-term financial success. Learn how the economy and stock markets work, how debt and budgeting come into play, and how to build an investment portfolio.

Pick-up Traditional Chinese Games - Mrs. Shen, Mrs. Xu, Mrs. Zhao
It is inevitable that with such a long history that China should have developed several unique and traditional sports and pastimes. However, due to the development of the technology and society, some of them gradually fell into decline. In the exploration weeks, we will pick up these traditional games including both sports and hand-on activities. We will have fun with mahjong, shuttlecock, rubber band jumping, stepping on high, throwing sandbags, rolling a hoop, bamboo pole jumping, and so on. Group competition is involved all the time. During the two weeks, we will also spend a few days in the culinary art room to learn to make some classic cuisines.

Strength and Conditioning - Mr. Furth
This exploration will focus on getting stronger and in better shape in a fun, safe, and competitive environment. You will have the opportunity to learn and perform many different kinds of exercises that will give you a solid foundation for making strength and conditioning a part of your life. This exploration is for people who want to work hard and sweat A LOT.

Documentary 101 (SECOND 5 DAYS ONLY) - Mr. Klar
Wanting to learn HOW to make a film or documentary? This exploration is designed to help teach (beginners) the basics of using editing software – and show more developed film makers how to make “experimental” documentaries. This exploration will be taught by a current Film Production major coming from the University of Colorado Boulder, so there will be a lot of good ideas and insights into the current tools film making. This is open to all skill levels.