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Morning Session (8:30-9:30 or 9:40-10:40)

Audio for the Theatre - Mr. Doering
This course offers students the opportunity to create special sound effects that can be used in stage or film to help tell a story. Think thunder crashing, doors creaking, planes taking off, a blood curdling scream in the far-off distance as wolves howl at the moon, or children laughing on the playground. Students will learn how to create, manipulate and finalize audio effects using computer software and then play the sound effects using the audio technology in the theatre.

Bibliophiles Corner - Mrs. Lavender
Do you love to read and wish you had an hour in your day to get comfy with the book you’re reading? If this sounds delightful to you, the Bibliophiles Corner might be a good Explorations choice for you. We’ll have bean bags, soothing music and one whole hour just to read, read, read. You can bring your own book or borrow one from the 3rd floor hallway. If you’re an avid page-turner, this time is for you. Bonus: we might begin each session with a 5-minute presentation by one of your teachers – from different departments – who will share their favourite things to read. Prepare to get some good title and author suggestions!

Chemistry Prep - (9th grade only) Mr. Gordon
Current ninth grade students who have enrolled in AP Bio for next year may register for this exploration. We will examine some basics of chemistry and biochemistry that will make the first few weeks of AP Bio a bit easier for you.

Coding I - Mr. Klammer and Mr. Hayes
Designed as an introduction to coding, this course starts with the basics of coding and quickly moves into critical thinking, problem solving, and algorithm design. Maria Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd College, states, "Coding is today's language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead consumers of computer science." This is your opportunity to think creatively in a new area!

Coding II - Mr. Klammer and Mr. Hayes
This is a continuation of module 1 but moves into more advanced coding. Students continue to learn critical thinking skills, problem solving, and algorithm design but also move into basic graphics and the design of friendly human interfaces. Students use these skills to create a simple but useful coding project by the end of the module. 

Exploring Virtual Reality (VR) - Mr. Grice and Mr. Mendes
Students will learn and practice using VR tools.  Lessons will include:

  • Creating 3D VR models using Blocks
  • Painting in 3D space using Google Tilt Brush
  • Designing for 3D printing using Tinkercad
  • Building 3D immersive tours using Tour Creator

German Language for BEGINNERS – Mrs. Ideker & Mr. Neal (10 days only)
Learn to speak German!  Eat some German snacks!  Study about German culture and traditions!  This exploration will use a beginner’s workbook to help students learn basic language which could be used for travel and daily use in any German speaking country.  We will learn the basics of reading, writing and speaking German. 

Jazz Improv (FIRST 5 DAYS) - Mr. Chapman
Ever wondered how a jazz solo is created? Are they “just making it up”, or is there a “method to the madness”?  In this one-hour, five-day session we will learn the basics of jazz improv, focusing on the blues and a couple of scales/modes that will give you lots of options when it comes to creating “on the spot” for your next exciting improv solo! At least 2 years of playing experience required. 

Full Orchestra (SECOND 5 DAYS) - Mr Chapman and Mrs. Preus
Do you play a wind instrument (brass or woodwind)?  Do you play a string instrument?  Do you play percussion?  Do you ever wish you could play all together as one ensemble? Well, now you can!! Come join the full orchestra exploration! We will read several pieces written for full orchestra, so we can have woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion making beautiful music together.  We might even put on a concert the final day!  All members should have at least two full years playing experience (three or more preferred) and be able to read music proficiently.

Make It… GREAT! Design Challenge - Mr. Beckman
This one-hour session offers you the opportunity to flex your creativity and work with your hands – to make an original, purposeful creation. Maker-space access provides access to materials and tools to assist your success!

Math SAT II Prep - Ms. Mahoney
We will spend 10 days reviewing topics included on the test and working through practice problems. Topics for SAT Math Level 2 include Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Probability, and Trigonometry. The test is recommended only for students who have taken precalculus.  *Teacher recommendation required. 

SAT II Bio Prep (10th Grade Only) Todd Gordon
We will spend 5 days reviewing topics included on the test and working through practice problems. *Teacher recommendation required.

Take Your Photography to the Next Level - Mr. Lavender
Photography is something most of us do... but could do better! Bring your experience (any!) and positive attitude to this hands-on workshop. We'll experiment with composition, lighting and subject matter as we take our photography skills to the next level on the phone, point-and-shoot or DSLR. Equipment provided, but bring along your phone.

The Art of the PSA: Videos that Matter - Mr. Lavender
This hands-on video workshop is for the adventurous spirit who likes a creative risk. You'll work as part of a small video production team to create short videos that carry important messages. Possible topics might include physical wellness or mental health. Regardless of your experience or prior success, you'll learn lots about lighting, composition and editing.

Adoption Resources China - (10th Grade and Week 2 Only) Ms. Mendes and Ashley Wei
Adoption Resources China is a nonprofit organization that helps children with medical needs find forever homes. Not only is this exploration a perfect service opportunity, it is also a moment to spend time with friends and team bonding! Through this exploration students will be able to physically visit the orphanage, create arts and crafts, teach mathematics and English and spend time with the children. It is an amazing opportunity and creates an atmosphere and experience that cannot be found through textbooks. Note: This exploration will take up both morning sessions meaning students will miss their PE class. Students will still be able to attend both AM and PM explorations