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AM Session (10:55-12:45)

10 Day (9th Grade ONLY) Explorations

Discrete Math - Mrs. Gordon
Discrete Math is not your “normal” math class!  Where Algebra classes mostly focus on continuous functions, Discrete Math looks at situations that are NOT continuous.  This includes graph theory, scheduling, voting systems, probability and expected values.  We’ll even get to do some coloring!!  Curious?  Sign up for Discrete Math and discover what it’s all about.  (All math levels are welcome!)

Game Theory - Mr Carter
“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War. Learn the Art of War through the playing of games. Develop strategic thinking that benefits business, relationships ... life. Oh, and have fun while you learn.

Makerspace, Art and Technology (MSAT) - Mrs. Klammer and Mr. Klammer
In order to create in today’s world, we need to understand technology to create Art within the Maker Space.  This 10 day exploration course teaches students how to use Adobe Illustrator and TinkerCad when creating designs that can communicate with the Laser Cutter and/or the 3D printers located in the HS Maker Space.  Students can expect to create 3 sculptural pieces and gain knowledge of graphic technology programs.

10 Day (10th grades can join in week 2) Explorations

Coming of Age in Film - Mr. Chapman
What do the films The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Stand By Me, The Sandlot, Dead Poets Society, Footloose, Napolean Dynamite, Grease, Breaking Away, Stand and Deliver, Pretty in Pink, Spectacular Now, Boyz in the Hood, Say Anything, West Side Story, Sixteen Candles, Rebel Without a Cause, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Outsiders, Good Will Hunting, Clueless, Boyhood, and Mean Girls (Just to name a few!!) have in common? They all fall under a genre known as "Coming of Age" films. In this exploration we will watch and discuss these important films seeking to find the similarities and differences the characters in the movies might have with a TCK (Third Culture Kid) attending an international school in Shanghai, China. 

Stage Combat - Mr. Doering
Stage Combat is a course in actor combatant skills proficiency, focusing on training students in the combat techniques in unarmed, found weapons, rapier & dagger, quarter-staff, and broadswords. Students will learn to safely perform fight choreography in each of the five "stage fight" disciplines. Although the primary focus is learning stage-combat techniques and choreography, the explorations course also focuses on developing partnering skills and expanding the actor's dramatic imaginations as a means of showing and telling of the story of a play. Got Act? Bring it!

Sport of Rhetoric - Mrs. Furth and Mr. Potter
Have you ever wished to employ more wit, enthusiasm, spontaneity or intellectual prowess in your speaking and writing? Then come and get a taste of what Forensics is all about! Learn the craft of Impromptu speaking, compose an Original Oratory, engage in parliamentary Debate, or perform a satiric or dramatic Oral Interpretation. Gain experience, confidence, knowledge and a sense of accomplishment upon demonstrating your skills in a mini Forensics Showcase. No prior experience in Forensics is required but a sense of humor, an appreciation for political satire, flexibility and a willingness to try new things are non-negotiables! Be prepared to have fun and challenge yourself in a collaborative environment. Come see what the APAC buzz is all about!

Tee it Up Golf! - Mr. McDaniel
If you have ever played golf or would like to learn, this is the exploration for you! Learn the basics of the game and refine your skills in our simulator, in our outdoor golf cage and at a nearby driving range. Who knows, this may even spark a passion for you to join our golf team in the fall. All skill levels welcome!

The Urban Gardener - Mrs. Molloy and Mrs. Collins
Do you ever look out into this amazing city we live in and wish there was more green space? Urban gardening is the art of transforming your city environment through landscape architecture and planting gardens. At its core, it can simply be a way to beautify your urban space, but it can also be a way to improve overly industrialized areas or a way to grow your own herbs and vegetables. If you enjoy getting your hands dirty or making something from scratch, this is the Exploration for you! We will weed, plant and transform our urban environment, starting right here at Concordia. Over the two-week course, you’ll learn about soil science – the key to a successful garden, large or small. We’ll also explore seed paper making and terrarium making, so you’ll have something lovely and green to take home at the end of the course. Participants will need to be willing to get dirty, work on the ground in hot weather outside and wear old shoes and clothes.

5 Day Explorations

Big Data Analytics and Blockchain - Dr. Tong, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Paulson
Basic Data Analytics concepts will be introduced to students with some hands-on experience to gain appreciation on analytics software to allow for analytics data mining. Students will explore online analytics, deep learning, AI, R, and Blockchain software. Blockchain technology will also be introduced to the students. Simple analytics projects will also be carried out to enhance learning.

Introduction to Law - Mr. Taylor 
Have you considered going to law school? If so, then this is the Exploration for you! The course will cover the origins of the Western legal system and introduce the core curriculum, while covering various landmark cases. Students will take a hands-on approach to understanding legal concepts and the application of certain subject-specific laws. Topics covered will include but are not limited to: Constitutional Law, Torts, Property, Criminal Procedure, and Contracts.

Pick-up Traditional Chinese Games - Mrs. Shen, Mrs. Xu, Mrs. Zhao
It is inevitable that with such a long history that China should have developed several unique and traditional sports and pastimes. However, due to the development of the technology and society, some of them gradually fell into decline. In the exploration weeks, we will pick up these traditional games including both sports and hand-on activities. We will have fun with mahjong, shuttlecock, rubber band jumping, stepping on high, throwing sandbags, rolling a hoop, bamboo pole jumping, and so on. Group competition is involved all the time. During the two weeks, we will also spend a few days in the culinary art room to learn to make some classic cuisines.

Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (FIRST 5 DAYS ONLY) - Mrs. Love
Are you passionate about creating social impact while at the same time running a business?  Social entrepreneurship is an emerging field that lies at the intersection of business and social change.  A social entrepreneur uses skills and strategies within the business world to innovatively and sustainably solve social, environmental, and economic problems.  In this active and fast-paced exploration, you will learn how to use your passions and skills to create change in the world. 

Group Voice Lessons for Singers (SECOND 5 DAYS ONLY) - Mrs. Ideker and Mrs. Shi
Would you like to learn to sing better?  Sing louder?  With better tone?  Would you like to prepare a solo or two that you could sing at Cabaret or talent shows or assembly or church?  This just might be the place for you!  We will begin each class with group exercises and activities, followed by coaching of individual songs to include repertoire from classical, folk and musical theatre. Ms. Yifan Shi will be with us every step of the way to accompany all singers on piano. 

Introduction to Drone Flying - Mrs. Parra-Tong, Mr. Lyons, Dr. Tong (First Five Days)
Students will learn basic aerodynamics to gain sufficient knowledge on how quadcopters operate. They will learn how to fly quadcopters from ground zero with the end goal of being skillful in flying obstacle courses and possibly formation flying. Basic aerial view photography/videography may also be carried out. You will need your own basic drone or we can help you to obtain one for approximately RMB 250. We are limiting the class size to 12.

Build Your Own Drone (COST 1400 RMB) - Mrs. Parra-Tong, Mr. Lyons, Dr. Tong (Second Five Days)
How would you like to learn how drones fly? This year we are offering an exploration on Build Your Own Drone! You will learn the science of how a drone flies and research on the applications of drones in the current world. More interestingly, you will learn about teamwork and collaboration on how to build and fly your own “450 drone”. Due to the nature of this exploration we are limiting the class size to 12.