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Our English courses allow students to develop critical reading and thinking skills, an appreciation for the power of words and an increased knowledge of themselves in relation to world cultures. Students learn to comprehensively engage essential communication and technological skills, as well as learning and research skills, while continually growing in their ability to express themselves in their oral and written work.

Passionate Readers

In the Author Study Applied Learning course, students research independently and collectively discuss their favorite authors and works of literature.

Hot off the Presses

Zeitgeist is Concordia's groundbreaking literary magazine showcasing student work and the breadth of our English program from non-fiction analysis to creative introspection.

Real-Life Journalists

Students in the Student Journalism Association have the opportunity to have their writing published in various local publications in Shanghai.


General Requirements

Students in 11th and 12th grade may choose AP or elective courses, in lieu of or in addition to, English 11 or English 12 to complete the four English credits required for graduation.

Advanced Placement Courses

English Electives

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