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Applied Learning

One of the ways in which Concordia is special is that it offers 11th and 12th grade students a variety of Applied Learning courses that are patterned on courses normally only available in higher education settings. Applied Learning courses at Concordia encourage academic vitality by asking students to identify and deepen their passions, while building unique connections between academic studies and real-world endeavors.

Independent Lab Research students pose original questions and engage in novel research.

Applied Global Development and Public Health students organized an organic farm visit to fund their project of delivering produce from the farm to a local migrant school.

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* Denotes a one semester course

All Applied Learning Courses have

  • An Authentic Application, which
    • Provides open-ended challenges that focus on deliverables, and real world benefits for authentic audiences beyond the classroom
  • Academic Rigor, which
    • Values depth over breadth,
    • Is patterned on college-level courses, and
    • Requires higher order thinking skills

  • A Focus on Process Skills (learning by doing), which
    • Emphasizes skills directly related to the field of study, including
      • Practicing the skills of the career field,
      • Experimenting with creative solutions to challenges,
      • Cultivating resilience in the face of challenges or failure,
      • Researching through reading and analysis of journal articles or literature in the field of study, and
      • Fostering leadership and teamwork.

Applied Learning Courses may have

  • Learning and experiences outside of the classroom,
  • Flexible curriculum which responds to student input,
  • Interdisciplinary learning where students apply knowledge and skills in novel settings, and
  • Experts in the field who work with students.