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Social Studies

The social studies curriculum focuses on civics, culture, history, geography and economics. It enables students to gain an understanding of their past and present in order to more productively and responsibly prepare for their future.

Kindergarten–Grade 2

At these grade levels, students investigate people groups and study the various roles people fulfill within groups. Our students explore culture, heritage, customs and traditions, and are taught to relate their studies to real life cultural activities. Students relate these discussions to important events in their own lives.

Unit Topics


  • Me, My Friends, and My Family
  • People Near and Far
  • Careers
  • Shanghai

Grades 1 & 2

  • Good Citizens
  • Economics and Me
  • Life in the Past, Life Today
  • Our Community
  • Maps and Me
  • Many Cultures, One World

Grade 3–Grade 4

In Grades 3 and 4 students have a major focus on the cycle of economics and participate in individual and group activities. Class field trips and experiential learning opportunities help to solidify understanding of the concepts explored and the differences across culture and tradition.

Unit Topics

  • Governments and Economics
  • Regions of the World
  • China (Culture and Traditions)
  • Christmas Around the World