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We celebrate our host country and provide opportunities for students at all grade levels to experience the language and culture of China. Our Mandarin program is divided into two tracks to accommodate the international nature of our student body.

Concordia has native-speaking Mandarin faculty in each of our school divisions, allowing for quality teacher-student interaction and the ability to tailor classes to students’ needs. Students are placed by ability and grouped with students of similar levels as they move through the tracks.

Mandarin as a Foreign Language

Conversational Mandarin (CM) and Mandarin as a Foreign Language (MFL) are offered to students with no or limited formal Mandarin learning. The main focus of this program is on listening, speaking and recognizing Chinese characters, reading and writing simple sentences, and developing an awareness and understanding of Chinese culture.

Heritage Mandarin

Heritage Mandarin (HM) classes are for students who have a native or near-native level of Mandarin ability. These classes focus on building reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, and developing an appreciation for the Chinese culture. Students in this track will usually have more written and reading homework than students in the MFL track.

Concordia International School Shanghai - elementary school mandarin class

Our students touch, see, hear and engage in the Chinese language and culture and come to realize that there are multiple ways of viewing the world.

Mandarin Placement

New students are interviewed upon arrival and tentatively placed. Anecdotal evidence is collected during the first two weeks of class and adjustments are made when necessary. Current students move up through the appropriate levels based on class performance and teacher recommendation.