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Elementary School

Student Led Conferences (SLC) Were a Huge Success! 

On March 18th and 29th, the ES hosted the final of 2 parent conferences for the 2023-2024 school year. This was another opportunity for parents to see and hear what their children were learning and ongoing goals for the final weeks of the school year. Our students were keen to show off their newly developed listening and speaking skills. They also used the opportunity to teach parents new strategies and share new knowledge. Feedback from parents was very positive and encouraging. Teachers were impressed with how much students have grown and how they managed these sessions with confidence, clarity, and independence. Events like this support our ES division goals where we are building community, collaboration and culture. SLC also strengthens the parent and school partnership, and we appreciate that our parents made this event a priority. A huge thank you for making this a very successful event. Enjoy some of the photos from this year’s student-led conference.