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Elementary School

Student Leadership

Our amazing Concordia Student Leaders are creative, talented, brave, kind, and supportive! The grade 4 leadership club is a great way for students to help out in their school and feel like they are making an impact in their school community. Leadership skills are useful skills to help students learn to work in groups, solve problems, and develop teamwork. The student leaders have been preparing to lead our school assemblies starting in February and are ready to kick off the new CCA season with new service projects and school jobs. At the beginning of the year, the student leaders spent time studying what a good leader is, and the characteristics of good leaders, and made a vision for what they wanted their school to be like! We hope to encourage, inspire, and motivate all students to be their very best. 


Student leaders' slogan developed by the leadership club: As student leaders, we will stand up and make the school a happy, safe, joyful, and happy place. 

Please join me in welcoming these students to the ES Elementary Student Leadership Group. 

Aryash Adhikari,  Chloe Bae, Joey Bai, Jason Cai, Andre Leung, Simon Liu, Sophia Lu,

Alex Zhang, Zoey Jiang, Sui Fujiwara, Summer Li, Lucia Su. Carlson Jiang, Dylan Du,

Elsa Zhao, Ellen Park, Sean Wu