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Elementary School

Gr. 3 Student Louis Leads the Elementary School 

One of the prizes for the 2022-23 Gala Auction was being the school principal for the day. What a joy it was to see the never-ending smile on Yuande Huang (Louis) face when he walked onto the campus on Wednesday and was greeted as the principal of the elementary school. The third grader from Mrs Santa Cruz’s class received his badge, name tag, schedule of meetings, and campus duties. His first assignment was to speak with the entire elementary school at their morning assembly. It was there that he made the decision to have a “No Uniform Day” for all students. You can bet he received loud applause. He also met with our Head of School, Steve Winkleman and many other leaders to share his views about the way he sees life in elementary school. Louis was welcomed, respected and received so much kindness throughout the day that he went home feeling so fulfilled.  


This is one of the prizes that always brings so much joy to our students and faculty as a community. Specials thanks to our parents who also made this happen.