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Elementary School

ES: Parent Connects are off to a great start!

Last week Wednesday, the ES team were delighted to host our first Parent Connect meeting for the 2023-24 school year. Our parents joined us in the Wittenberg Room and many others online via zoom. This allowed a larger number of parents to participate in our Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, which was a fun way to show how and why clear communication and collaboration are extremely important for a successful team. We heard some of the upcoming plans from our principal, Mrs Angela Beach, and our PSO leaders. Our teaching and learning team talked about our new assessment resources and plans, while our Assistant Principal, Katina Seymour reminded us about the uniform and behavior expectations. We had updates about the upcoming Grade 5 trip and STEM Innovation plans. Finally, our House team leaders made an exciting presentation about a new initiative designed to build community. Parents, you are on a house team as well, so stay tuned for the big reveal coming soon. Check out the photos below.