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ES Students Learn About CNY in Their Mandarin Classes

Throughout the elementary school students have been learning about the different celebrations that are an integral part of Chinese New Year.  Mandarin teachers have exposed the students to cultural stories, traditional drumming, dragon dancing, red envelopes and so much more. To all our families, Gong Xi Fa Cai 恭喜发财!

Students are enjoying making red envelopes. The students also hope that they can get “Ya Sui Money” from the elders of their family and put the money inside the red envelopes so that they will have a peaceful and happy Chinese New Year.

Grade Three students learned about stories, food, and customs that are a part of the Chinese New Year. Then they made Chinese New Year cards based on all that they had learned.

Grade One students learned about colors, food, stories, and customs of the Chinese New Year holiday. Students also watched videos and studied pictures around the culture of the Blue and White Porcelain. Additionally, they learned the word dumpling in Chinese and watched the teacher’s demonstration about the procedure to make Jiao Zi.

The Grade Four students explored the customs of Chinese New Year. The custom of welcoming Caishen, the God of Wealth, is a popular activity throughout China during this special holiday. Students decorated their own Caishen and sewed the pieces into puppets. 

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, students learned the traditional story, culture, and blessing words of the holiday season. Grade Two students made their New Year lanterns and created the festive entertainment for our Concordia community to enjoy. We wish you all a happy Chinese New Year!

In China, one of the most important Lunar New Year traditions is to wrap and eat dumplings with our family. This year, our Grade Three Mandarin class students also learned how to wrap dumplings. Instead of traditional fillings like black sesame and pork, we used M&M chocolates! Look, we are having so much fun doing that!

We were excited to welcome Master Zhang to our school and teach Grade Four students how to perform the Chinese Drum and Dragon Dance. All the students showed great interest in these activities! This is the first time that we experience such amazing cultural event. Master Zhang taught the students the various different movements of the Dragon. After three days practicing, they could do the performance with confidence!