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Bilingual Parenting Course

The Concordia counselors from early childhood and elementary are proud to present a 4 session parenting course entitled, "The Parenting Children Course" by Nicky and Sila Lee beginning on Tuesday, October 8th at 8:45 AM.  "The Parenting Children Course" will include a bilingual (Mandarin/English) PowerPoint as well as books and resources in both English and Mandarin.

What is "The Parenting Children Course?”

This four-week module parenting course was designed to help parents find specific answers and actions for some of those difficult moments in child-rearing. These simple techniques are effective with children from ages 3-10. 

The parent workshops will provide practical tools and techniques that help parents achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children.

Parents will learn solutions to:

•    Family Routines

•    Setting Routines

•    Family Meetings

•    Importance of Play

•    Handing the problem back

•    Problem Solving

•    Kelso’s Choice

•    Setting Boundaries

•    How to handle anger

•    I-Messages


Dates and titles of workshops will be as follows:

Tuesday, October 8th Wittenberg Hall 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM

Session 1- “Building Strong Foundations”

Tuesday, October 15th, Wittenberg Hall from 8:45 AM to 10:15  AM

Session 2- “Meeting our Children’s Needs”

Tuesday, October 22nd, Wittenberg Hall from 8:45 AM to 10:15  AM

Session 3- “Setting Boundaries”

Tuesday, October 29th, Wittenberg Hall from 8:45 AM to 10:15  AM 

Session 4- “Teaching Healthy Relationships”


We hope to see you there!

Ben, Tory, Alice, and Kay



Concordia学前部和小学部的顾问老师们将主讲为期四场的“亲子教育课程” 。此课程由李力奇及李希拉夫妇(Nicky and Sila Lee)编写,首场课程将于10月8日(星期二)上午8:45分开始。“亲子教育课程”中会有双语版演示文稿,以及中英文版本的资料供参考。





-       家庭日常安排

-       设置日常安排

-       家庭会议

-       游戏/玩的重要性

-       问题回传

-       解决问题

-       科尔索的选择

-       设置界限

-       如何处理愤怒

-       I-信息




日期及时间:2019年10月8日(星期二),上午8:45分 – 10:15分

课程地点:高中部3楼Wittenberg Hall


日期及时间:2019年10月15日(星期二),上午8:45分 – 10:15分

课程地点:高中部3楼Wittenberg Hall


日期及时间:2019年10月22日(星期二),上午8:45分 – 10:15分

课程地点:高中部3楼Wittenberg Hall


日期及时间:2019年10月29日(星期二),上午8:45分 – 10:15分

课程地点:高中部3楼Wittenberg Hall



Ben, Tory, Alice and Kay