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Moving from Concordia: Saying Good-bye, Saying Hello

Dear Concordia Family,

It is difficult for us to say good-bye. You have been part of the Concordia community and we will miss you.  Transitions can cause anxiety, especially this year during the uncertainties of the world wide pandemic!

We at Concordia International School Shanghai know that transition can be filled with to-do list and finding new paths for ourselves and our children. For some families, the move is anticipated with joy and eagerness; for others, it is with sadness that they say good-bye to an established home and friends that have become like family.  We at Concordia are empathetic with your situation as many of us have gone through similar transitions.

Transition is unique to each family and each family member.  Some may be moving to Puxi, a school or home down the road, or maybe thousands of miles away.  The words “culture shock” may apply to your family or the concept of "reverse culture shock" may apply.  We all need strategies and tips to support a successful and smooth move. We hope that the information below will be useful to you as your family makes this adjustment and will help to carry you through the next few weeks and months.

Children process transition in their own way.  We have also attached a coloring book to read and talk through with your child about the move.  This booklet provides talking points that guide the conversation, hoping to reveal each other's feelings that often are not expressed. We hope they find excitement, while thinking about the upcoming new possibilities.

Please feel free to contact either Dr. Alice or Kay Lambert for more information.  We’d be happy to help.

Lord, bless this family....

With openness to real community,

with sharing in all their joys and sorrows,

with freedom to let each other grow,

with understanding for the gifts each has to give, 

and with love not matter what,

no matter where.



We wish you all the best in your new adventures.


Dr. Alice Fok-Trela 

Early Childhood Counselor and School Psychologist


Kay Lambert

Early Childhood Assistant Principal