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Library Book Return and Summer Reading Challenge

Great news from the Library!

We are able to continue the Click and Collect and the Lucky Dip Bags for all students who are returning to Concordia right across the summer. 

We would also like to have all outstanding books back as soon as possible as these need to be quarantined before we can make them available for others. The Book Drop Box will remain at the Mingyue gate all summer, if you are in Shanghai please don’t leave it until you come back to return the books that you had when the lockdown started. You can hand books to the guards 24/7. Please contact library@concordiashanghai.org if you can’t remember which books are on your account.

The Library is keen to help our youngest learners continue with their reading across the long summer holiday so we have two new schemes available, one for EC and one for ES. Students who are on campus will receive a print copy, everyone else please print a copy off if you are away from school at this time. Also available is a sheet with links to the forms and other useful resources for you to use whilst you are off campus.

For ES we have a Summer Reading Challenge, all students who complete the track and read a book from each genre will receive a certificate at the beginning of next year.

For EC the Family Reading Challenge is specifically for parents. We ask you to commit to reading to your child. This is an important way that you can show your love of books and be a good reading role model for your child. All families who complete the challenge will also receive a certificate in the Fall.

Please return all completed challenge sheets to the Library when you return to school for the next academic year. If you are leaving us then why not do the challenge and take it to your new school?

With both challenges remember that you can order books through the Lucky Dip Bag and Click and Collect scheme, read online using Sora or use a library near where you are. 

Mrs Toner