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[IMPORTANT] Info Regarding EC Parents and Teachers Conferences

Already, you would have received an important email message from SchoolsBuddy. Concordia is using SchoolsBuddy to coordinate the sign-up process for upcoming Parent Conferences in the Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School Divisions.

If you have not yet done so, be sure to activate your SchoolsBuddy account.

How Do I Sign Up?

This year, Concordia is using SchoolsBuddy to manage signups for Parent Conferences, Co-Curricular activities, and other events.

If you already have the SchoolsBuddy account, please login and signup at .

If your account has not been activated, please check the previous email sent from Schoolsbuddy.com this morning.

When you login to SchoolsBuddy you will be on the “Home” page. You will need to follow the instructions below to signup for your Parent Conference.

Simple Version:

  • Click on the “Activities & Clubs” tab
  • Click on the “Select” button below “PS-G8 Parent Conference April 18-19, 2019”
  • Click on the plus sign in front of the name of each one of your student(s)
  • Select desired meeting times
  • Click on “Check availability” at right side under your Bookings
  • Select different meeting times, if required
  • Click on Confirm Selections

Follow the link to view a detailed version of the instructions

If you wish to schedule a date/time that is outside of the April 18-19 dates, please check with your child’s Homeroom Teacher for possible availability. April 18-19 are the dates designated for these Conferences. There is no school on April 18-19 for our EC students.

At Concordia, we value strong home-school partnerships. Communication with your child’s Homeroom Teacher is important, especially at this time of year. Teachers will share updated progress with you, as well as talk about areas of growth for your child.

Should you have any questions regarding sign-up, please contact the EC Office, ec.office@concordiashanghai.org.

Thank you for your partnership!


Mr. Gerdes, EC Principal