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EC Winter Wonderland

One Hen Winter Wonderland and Marketplace.
It is these cross grade level events and activities that create long lasting memories for all our students. Grade four students learned about sustainable business practices and economics in the weeks before the holidays. Students learned how to balance the goals of profit, people, and the planet while going through the Design Process. Students upcycled products went on sale at the One Hen Marketplace.

Students in kindergarten were included in the Marketplace because they took part in empathy interviews as part of the Design Process. Many of the sustainable goods that the Grade 4 students created were designed specifically for this age group based on the interviews. Our youngest learners did not purchase goods from the Marketplace, but they had a ton of fun playing the games.

Along side the Marketplace other Grade 4 students ran student-created games at the Winter Wonderland. All students in the Early Childhood and the Elementary School participated. All profits from this event will be used by Grade 4 students to make microloans to women experiencing poverty through www.kiva. org