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EC ASSEMBLY: Message from Preschool Panda Class

Mr. Holbery's preschool class of three year olds delivered an important message to all of the Early Childhood community about encouragement.

In line with our appreciation of the word ENCOURAGE our theme word this year, we explored how Patrick ENCOURAGE many.

Patrick lived a long time ago. He shared his belief to many. The people in Ireland really liked Patrick’s kind ways. Patrick ENCOURAGED thousands of Irish people. The name of St. Patrick has been in the hearts of the Irish people for more than 1,000 years.

St. Patrick was a real person. He was a person that brought love to a whole country. When you get to go to Ireland, you will see a land covered in shamrock. By using the Shamrock (a thing that is so very common in Ireland), Patrick explained about his beliefs.
That is why on St. Patrick’s Day some people might wear a shamrock on their clothing. The shamrock reminds us of how St. Patrick ENCOURAGED many of the Irish people.

On St. Patrick’s Day, we also sing silly songs .. and tell wild stories about leprechauns…to be sure, to be sure.
Although St. Patrick’s day for this year has passed …it is an event that is celebrated by people in many parts of the world. On March 17th, some children in SOME schools may even put on beards and sing fun songs.

This is all great fun, but we may be reminded of the important history of this holiday. We might also take a moment to think about the many great people around the world, that like Patrick, have ENCOURAGED us.