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Christmas Message from the EC Principal

Warmest Christmas Greetings!

The past few weeks at Concordia have been filled with wonder – Christmas wonder! Students have shared the joy of the Christmas season with song and dance, through artistic expressions, and by their their smiles and laughter.

For many, Christmas is a special time that can be celebrated throughout the year. The sights and colors of Christmas are enjoyable, but there is much more history to the season than the stores may lead you to believe. Many, many years ago a young baby was born in Bethlehem. That baby has special meaning for many people, and that’s the reason why they celebrate throughout the year.

Whether you are traveling during the Christmas Holiday or staying in Shanghai, may the joys of the holiday season be with you and your family. Spend time with those you love by enjoying a meal together, playing in a local park, or by playing games at home. And, if you hold to the meaning of Christmas that connects to history in Bethlehem a long time ago, may this time of year continue to bring you much peace, comfort, and joy!

Merry Christmas!
Mr. Gerdes
EC Principal