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Who We Are

I had no idea the ease with which you could make new friends and establish a support system here in Shanghai. The community at Concordia was amazing in helping us settle.Stephan F, parent of middle school student
Concordia rice fields
Rice fields on campus land

Our History

The Birth of a Dream

In the 1980's an inspired group of LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) visionaries dreamed of a school environment where teachers, students and parents worked side-by-side toward the common goal of attaining world-class, holistic education in a Christian context; a place that inspired and equipped the entire family to make a true difference in their world. This is how Concordia was born.

From Hong Kong to Rice Paddies

In 1998 a small group of teachers from HKIS came to Pudong to build a school that offered the same level of educational support and community care as the acclaimed Hong Kong International School. They brought their experience and excellence to build a school from the rice paddies up–literally.

Life Changing Excellence

Concordia’s first academic year opened with 22 students and a staff of 14—led by founding Head of School Dr. Allan Schmidt. Today the school educates more than 1,200 students from many experiences and backgrounds and offers a complete program from Preschool to Grade 12. Our graduates go to the finest universities in the world and whether here for one year or through to graduation, our students and families are changed for good because of their time at Concordia.

Educational Connections

Concordia International School Shanghai has foundational and ongoing relationships with Hong Kong International School and Concordia International School Hanoi. These relationships provide opportunities for professional collaboration and fellowship between the schools—the only partners of this kind worldwide.

In mainland China, Concordia is an independently operated school with only one campus located in Green City of Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai. It is not affiliated with any other schools in China using the name Concordia or Xiehe. Concordia Shanghai is not a member of the "Concordia Federation of Schools" in Asia or associate with "China Concordia Education Group."

In June 2017, Concordia established the first and only “sister school” agreement with East China Normal University Affiliated Bilingual School in mainland China. This connection provides opportunities for teacher and student exchanges, curriculum collaboration and other joint activities. Through these interactions, Concordia will learn from Chinese education practices and contribute toward furthering understanding of American education to the benefit of international students and Chinese students alike. As such Concordia hopes to further its global platform enabling deeper learning for students and fellow educators.



1998年来自香港国际学校的资深教师团队来到上海建立了上海协和国际外籍人员子女学校(原上海协和国际学校)。 2011年,上海协和国际外籍人员子女学校的经验丰富的教师团队前往越南帮助建立了河内协和国际学校。这种姐妹学校之间珍贵的传承为三所学校 提供了持续的、高质量的专业合作并建立了亲密的大家庭关系。



Concordia International school shanghai 2017-2018 Board
Dr. Mary Scott, Head of School

Decision Making

We are intentional about enhancing the student experience and our three-fold, decision-making filter highlights that commitment. When making a decision we ask these questions, in this order:

  1. What's best for students?
  2. What's best for the organization?
  3. What's best for the individual?

Our stakeholders also play an important role in what decisions we should be making at the school.


The office of the Head of School manages the day-to-day life of the school in conjunction with the Elementary, Middle and High School Administrators.

The Board

The Board provides oversight and governance to ensure the ongoing strength and stability of the school.

The Parents

Parental input is requested annually through formal surveys and focus groups, and encouraged informally in various ways including parent coffees, town hall meetings, teacher conferences and active participation in our dynamic Parent Support Organization.

About Shanghai's International school
State of the art facilities

How We're Funded

Self Funded

Concordia is a self-funded and financially independent entity. All daily operations, activities and investments are funded via tuition and/or gifts to the school.

Additionally, all revenues (after taxes and debt service) have the sole purpose of providing a superior education for Concordia students in terms of expert and qualified faculty, world-class facilities, cutting-edge technology and educational materials.


Concordia has established a reserve program to provide monies for contingency planning as well as to provide funding for reinvestment in the school and its programs. Our costs remain competitive with other Shanghai international schools.

Quality Faculty

We believe that the quality of our faculty is one of the more significant factors affecting student achievement. As a direct result, we commit the largest portion of our resources to the salaries and benefits of our faculty. In addition, we strongly believe that ongoing investment in our faculty through professional development is critically important.

Everybody has a story

Annual Report

Grab a cup of coffee, find a comfortable spot and peruse our 2019-2020 Concordia Annual Report which features student and faculty demographic snapshots and a summary of our academics, fine arts and athletics. The annual Concordia Report celebrates the passion for excellence that is expressed in each aspect of our school. If this document could come to life, you would experience the vibrant classrooms and engaging teachers as well as the overarching Concordia community that becomes a home-away-from-home for so many expatriate families.

Shanghai's International school Afflication
APAC Band rehearsal


Academic and professional associations have enabled Concordia to offer a more robust program for our students than would be possible without these partnerships. From China-regional/international tournaments and festivals for our high school students to professional development for our faculty, our affiliations open doors to excellence and experience for our students and faculty.


Asia pacific activities conference (apac)

APAC was founded in 1995 with the purpose of providing a well-rounded extra-curricular program for international schools in the Asia-Pacific area. Every year schools in different locations in Asia and the Pacific host various APAC tournaments throughout the year; thus students from these schools get the opportunity to travel within Asia-Pacific to not only compete in sports and in the visual and performing arts, but also experience new cultures and destinations.

APAC teams and ensembles from Concordia participate in annual tournaments and festivals each year and often come home champs. Find out where we are headed this year.


Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS)

ACAMIS was founded in the year 2000 as a means for students to connect in post-season regional athletic tournaments. Since then, the organization has evolved, adding more sports as well as other student activities, service learning grants, and professional development opportunities for faculty. Today, ACAMIS has grown from the seven schools at the initial event to 75 schools ranging in size from less than 300 pupils to over 2,500 in Mongolia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. We are grateful for the vision of the ACAMIS founders who established a framework that was sustainable and adaptable.




Concordia students play against 19 other international schools in the Shanghai International Schools Activities Conference (SISAC). SISAC forms our regular season of play, complete with a North American atmosphere of rivalry and friendly competition with our fellow SISAC schools. The league is broken into two geographic divisions call Puxi and Pudong, which indicate the west or east side of the Huangpu river. SISAC concludes each of its sports seasons with the City Championship, at which Concordia has earned more than its fair share of trophies in the league’s 12 year history.





China international schools sports association (cissa)

Created in 2000, CISSA is made of 19 international schools in the Shanghai region that take part in athletic events for middle school teams. CISSA is built upon a participatory philosophy, giving every interested student the opportunity to play on a school sports team.

Columbia University Affiliate School


Concordia is the first affiliate school in China with Columbia University’s Teachers College Readers & Writers Workshops.

Teachers College, Columbia University is the first and largest graduate school of education in the United States and is also perennially ranked among the nation’s best. Teachers College is committed to a vision of education writ large, encompassing Columbia University's four core areas of expertise: health, education, leadership and psychology.



External Testing & Curriculum

Concordia administers the NWEA MAP Growth assessment twice a year to measure Math, Reading, and Language Usage growth in Grades 3-8. Mandarin and Spanish language proficiency growth is monitored yearly in Middle and High School using the ACTFL AAPPL assessment. Concordia also administers the ACT, SAT, and SSAT. All of our AP course syllabi are approved by the College Board.

Bridges in Mathematics and Connected Math are the curricular frameworks employed to teach mathematics in the Elementary and Middle School respectively. 

Concordia International School Shanghai Accreditation
Called to teach


Concordia International School Shanghai is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) since 2000 and the National Lutheran School Accreditation Commission (NLSA) since 2015.


The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is the foremost accrediting agency for higher learning in the United States. WASC accreditation is a seven-year cycle; Concordia completed its third such accreditation in March 2015. Full details of the findings from the process are available in the 2015 WASC visiting team report.


The National Lutheran School Accreditation Commission (NLSA) has been accrediting schools of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod since 1978. Accreditation decisions have always been based upon a school’s compliance with national standards for Lutheran schools.

The NLSA encourages, assists and recognizes schools that provide quality Christian education and engage in continuous improvement. Evidence-based accreditation allows the effective fulfilment of this mission, thereby providing a valuable service to Lutheran schools.