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What We Believe

We have found that modeling values and morals posi­tively affects our students and community, creating a sense of security where all can flourish.

At Concordia International School Shanghai, each enrolled child is an invaluable trust. The time-tested building blocks of our values define the interaction and direction of our whole community. We strive to treat each other, and our children, with care, respect and equity—always. The administration, faculty and parents are active partners in ensuring that the entire family's experience as part of the community is a positive and lasting one.

China Focus

From Shanghai, the world is at our fingertips, yet at Concordia we have intentional focus on our host country, China. Across all grades, Concordia seeks to develop in students a deep interest in China through academic exploration, educational travel, language studies and service. We believe that the highly sensory cultural context of our location enriches each student’s learning experience and daily life.


Students are surrounded by the local language in daily Mandarin classes where they engage in speaking with and listening to their native teachers and classmates.

Smell & Taste

Students experience the aromas and flavors of festival delicacies while cooking in our World Language Lab with their Mandarin language classes.


We ask our students to see past the prosperity of Jinqiao, past our western-style houses and neighborhoods and to actively explore the local communities around us.


Students from elementary school to high school touch the lives of those they encounter as they travel, study and serve across China.

ConAt Concordia

Holistic Philosophy

At Concordia, it’s not just about the grades. It’s about balance.

When we say we educate the whole child we mean that we invest in and tend to every part of each student: spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Our parents are partners with us in this process, helping their student to find his or her own unique balance. With this partnership and shared values, every child wins.