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The Concordia Fund

The Concordia Fund supports student and faculty enrichment and outreach project proposals around a variety of areas in all four divisions that over time benefit all of our students.Individuals and families who give to the Concordia Fund become Concordia’s next generation of founders, raising the Concordia experience from excellent to exceptional.


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Made possible in partnership with our founding organization the LCMS


Enrichment Projects

In support of additional experiences where students are most impacted and where their deepest and longest lasting relationships are formed.


Outreach Projects

In support of student-centered service programs and initiatives that benefit the community, China and the entire world.

Fund Progress Report

Since 2018, more than 11,000,000 RMB has been donated by parents, employees, and alumni in support of the Concordia Fund and Gala & Auction. Their generous gifts have funded 75 projects that have provided expanded learning and opportunities for students to use their education to help others.

  • FY '22 as of May 2,785,777 RMB has been given
  • FY ’21 as of May 2,459,252 RMB was given
  • 42 employees and 128 families donated for the FIRST time in FY 20
  • 48% of employees made a gift—the exact same percentage as last year
  • 24% of families made a gift—an increase from 18%

Concordia Fund

Giving Levels

Corporate Giving: 150000 + RMB

1998 Legacy Club/Circle - 100,000 + RMB

Phoenix Club- 50,000 + RMB

Gold Level- 25,000 to 49,999 RMB

Blue Level- 10,000 to 24,999 RMB

Friend of Concordia - 2,500 - 9,999 RMB

Patron - 750 to 2,499 RMB


With the help of Concordia students, faculty, and parents, we’ve created some videos to help share some of the ways the Concordia Fund has made a difference.

Experience a lab day with students highlighting some of the new equipment made possible through gifts to the Concordia Fund.

Since 2018, more than 11,000,000 RMB has been raised for Concordia student enrichment and outreach opportunities and nearly 100 projects have been supported.

2021-2022 Projects Funded and Completed

  • Reading Hope libraries built for migrant and underfunded schools
  • Middle School Mindfulness training for students and teachers
  • Improved equipment for the Phoenix Squadron student drone club
  • Student registration for NEC Economics Conference
  • Amity Global Summit on Racial Equality and Inclusion
  • Student registration for Big Data Education Conference
  • Author visit for ES Book Week
  • Support for summer internships
  • Middle School STEAM Interdisciplinary STEM programming
  • MindUP social-emotional training for Elementary School parents
  • Incredible Years Training Program for parents, teachers and students
  • Service and education workshops with Jordan Hattar to support Syrian Refugees 

Capital Projects Funded and Completed

  • EC/ES Library renovation and addition of new books and materials
  • Phoenix Lounge furniture
  • Under the Bridge Plaza Project
  • Coding and Robotics Laboratory
  • State-of-the-art laboratory research equipment for high school science
  • EC PreSchool Outdoor play area