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NOTE: If hired- employment in China requires authenticated copies of your highest degree and the background check of your home country.

Each position Concordia seeks to fill has its own set of qualifications, but these general guidelines apply:

  • A background of successful teaching as verified by references
  • A record of continuous professional development
  • An active and growing Christian faith
  • Substantial experience in the subject or grade level in question
  • Ability and interest in contributing to the co-curricular program
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills in English. Teachers who are teaching English must be native speakers from a country identified by the Chinese government as an English speaking country.
  • Evidence of the use of technology in the classroom
  • Good health and 57 years of age or younger on August 1 of the year of hire
  • Minimum of two years of full-time teaching experience, not tutoring (international school or overseas experience is an advantage.) For non-teaching roles, 5 years of experience is the area of expertise needs to be show
  • Minimum bachelors degree. Current teacher certification/license. Generally this degree must be from a university located in an English speaking country
  • All employees will undergo a criminal background check of their past.  To obtain a work permit in China no offense may appear on a candidates background check.
  • Concordia has a policy of zero tolerance for abuse and cooperates fully with the authorities to investigate all cases of alleged abuse

In our search for the best teachers, Concordia considers candidates in various family circumstances: singles, couples and families with children. Questions can be addressed to recruitment@concordiashanghai.org

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I’m an experienced teacher but with PD and continuous on-site training, I am even more prepared to give my best to my classroom community.
Grade 3 Teacher