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Job Postings

It's Simple to Apply

  1. Click on the desired position
  2. Select Apply for this Position (found at the bottom of the Job Description)
  3. Review the application form and prepare answers for some of the questions before starting the process (strongly recommended)
  4. Verify that you have attached a resume noting all periods of employment (full and part time) with start and end dates as well as a cover letter sharing the strengths you would bring to the position
  5. Submit the application form (you will receive an email verifying receipt of the application)

NOTE: If hired- employment in China requires authenticated copies of your highest degree and the background check of your home country.

Good Wifi Helps

Applicants with poor Internet connection may wish to periodically save a copy of the form for reference:

  • In Firefox use "File > Save Page As" to save a copy of the HTML form with your data to your desktop
  • (Apple Preview, Google Chrome, or other programs may not allow you to save typed text)

Where We Interview

We interview candidates in person, via Skype and at the following fairs:

Representative at

Authentication Requirements in China

Degree and Background Check Requirements for Working in china

Since April 2017, China has implemented a new work permit policy. Degrees and a federal background check from your home country must be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in the country in which the documents are issued. Before these documents can be authenticated by the Chinese embassy, they must first be authenticated by the country issuing the document. This process can take months. Please note: an apostille does not qualify as authentication in China.

Authentication of the diploma of your highest degree

If you decide to pursue opportunities in China for 2019-20 school year, you should start the authentication process early for your highest degree. To do this please have the diploma authenticated by your university and the state in which the university is located. Transcripts do not qualify; it must be the diploma. Please wait for the final step of having the Chinese Embassy/Consulate authenticate the diploma until you receive an offer, as this is generally the most costly part of the process. Review details regarding the authentication process.

Home Country Federal Background Check

In China, the background check by your home country is only valid for six months from the date of issue. You will need to calculate the timing of this request accordingly.

For example, new hires to Concordia present all required and authenticated documents by March, in the spring before the hire date. Concordia then applies for the working visa supporting documents. Finally, working visa supporting documents are sent to the new employee in June.

NOTE: In this scenario, your background check would need to be valid through the month of April so you would start the background check process no earlier than November.

In the US, this process can take 12-14 weeks (if you are residing outside of your home country it may take longer because of sending paperwork back and forth.) We strongly recommend using the FBI-Approved channels option, which expedites this process to 5-7 business days. Review details regarding criminal background check.

Still Have Questions?

Email Steven Nurre, Director of Recruitment

Current Openings

Each fall we begin to identify positions likely to be open the following year and generally complete recruiting by late January. However, we accept applications at any time and will keep them on file for future vacancies.

Due to age restrictions in China, we are not able to consider applicants who will be older than 57 on August 1 of the year of their initial contract.