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Discover excellence in a spiritual learning community. We invite you to join a team, one which can best be described as reflective, creative and, above all, student focused. Teachers are encouraged to convey written curriculum in constructive and innovative ways in order to both challenge and engage students holistically in the learning process.
Where Support Starts Day One

This is our third international assignment and Concordia was the first to personally focus on helping us get settled as a family as soon as we arrived.
–Experienced teaching couple

Where Legacies Are Built

I've been FULLY resourced and supported in creating, building and expanding a thriving music program.
–Choral program founder

Where Faith Meets Intellect

Concordia provides me the best opportunity to express my faith and grow as an educator professionally. Having this opportunity in China is unbelievable!
–Teacher and coach

Two are better than one

We believe in partnering to best serve our students.

We foster a collegial environment where working together at the grade level or by subject matter is every day practice; where administrator's doors are open and support is varied and accessible.

Concordia is an affiliate school with Columbia University’s Teachers College Readers & Writers Workshops and we partnered with NHD to bring National History Day to Asia. And there's more...


A RecENT FACULTY survey says

97.8% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed their position at the school was meaningful

93.4% indicated Concordia provides a quality work environment

90% agreed that they were able to provide input regarding the content of their job and that their job at Concordia lived up to their expectation

Do you share our values?

Shared values is a concept at the core of our essence as an organization. Learn more about our mission, core values and Expected Student Learning Results.

What We're Looking for

Each position Concordia seeks to fill has its own set of qualifications, but there are some general guidelines that apply to all positions.

Salary & Benefits

Our salary and benefits packages depend on employment classification and are competitive and comprehensive.

Prospective Teacher Information

Destination Concordia

Our Faculty Profile shares why quality and caring faculty are pursuing career development in Shanghai.

elementary school teacher Reflecting on her first year at Concordia

Academic rigor?–Absolutely!
Heart and soul?–Every day!

"With learning support specialists, instructional coaches in literacy, STEM and digital literacy, and librarians for information literacy helping to support instruction, along with open access to professional development that I can use for things that make sense to me, it’s just been a PHENOMENAL first year!"


If you haven't found all the answers you hoped for, we have curated answers to the questions we see most often. For additional questions, contact recruitment@concordiashanghai.org

En Guard! Be Aware of Recruiting Scams

Concordia International School does not ask or require any candidates to send money for application fees, visas, or any other costs associated with recruitment or moving to Shanghai. If you have been asked by Concordia Shanghai or another international school to send money to cover such costs, you may be the target of an elaborate scam. Several international schools have had their web sites cloned, and candidates have been asked to send money as part of the scam. All candidates are urged to use extreme caution if they have been asked for money or private information.

Culture matters (for new hires only)

Check out our eight cultural tenets before you arrive to begin your new role. Understanding Concordia's culture will help you transition more easily right from the start.

Safety Handbook

We consider each student enrolled in our school to be an invaluable trust. And we are intentional about making sure students and staff are safe and nurtured during their time at Concordia.

We have found that empowered teachers communicate a passion for learning. At Concordia we believe that a passion for learning is essential to achieving life success.