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Year started at Concordia: 2014

Which university are you planning to attend and what affected your choice?

I will be attending School of the Arts Institute Chicago. The main factors that led me to decide were the program and the location. I really liked how their program was set up in how it allowed for very well rounded education in arts which spread beyond just graphic design. The location was perfect because I was looking for a school that was located in a city with a strong art presence and where I had family nearby.

Was there a particular program that interested you?

I knew that I wanted to attend an art school that had a very arts based graphic design program. I got accepted to many schools that had a graphic design program but didn't have a strong presence of art in the curriculum. I wanted a program that had foundational art courses to go along with my main area of study. I found that some schools were centered around the tech side vs others that were focused on the artistry. I eventually chose the School of the Art Institute Chicago because it provided many opportunities for studies outside of my field all pertaining to art.

What made your applications stand out (in your opinion)?

I think that my application stood out both because of my portfolio and because of my extracurricular activities. When applying to art schools the main thing that they want to see is your art. I worked extremely hard on mine making sure each piece was strong and showcasing my best work. I was able to show my own unique style in my work and didn't just focus on technical skills. I included a wide range of mediums in my portfolio to show how well rounded of an artist I was. Another big thing that helped me to stand out was how many unique extra-curricular and opportunities that I had gotten to participate in over the years. Through Concordia I have been able to participate in the Dive Trip, gotten an Internship at Shanghai Disney Resort, and been a member of NAHS. I got to add many unique things to my resume and I think that helped me to stand out.

Which classes, programs/teachers helped support your interest in your major?

Throughout my 4 years in high school, I have been in some sort of art class.  When I got to my Junior year I was able to take 3 classes within my field of interest. I was still in the process of figuring out exactly what I wanted to do within art so I took numerous classes in it. I took AP Art History, Advanced Studio Art and History of Photography(online). These classes allowed me to explore and try different areas of art. My senior year I took Computer Arts, Photography and AP Studio Art.

What other activities (clubs, teams, projects) stand out to you as having enriched your high school experience?

I've participated In many activities through Concordia and because of this I think I have become very well rounded. I've participated in National Art Honor Society, Varsity Track & Field, and Varsity Cross Country over the years. I think that these activities helped me to learn time management while trying to balance sports practice and homework. Surprisingly, I think It has made me a better worker and I have developed many more organization skills because of it.

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