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Road to College

Which university are you planning to attend and what influenced your choice?

I am attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. This choice was mostly influenced by the location. I have lots of family nearby and am very familiar with the school. 

Was there a particular program that interested you when choosing where to apply?

I plan on doing a pre-graphic design program when I start in the fall, and was looking for colleges with strong programs in this area. 

In your time at Concordia which classes, programs or school related activities helped to support your interest in your major?

My participation in art classes and SMS have helped me develop my skills in design. I also was able to do a design related internship as a junior. 

In your opinion, what made your application(s) stand out? 

I wrote an essay about my junior internship experience, which is something a lot of students don’t have the opportunity to do. I was able to talk about what I learned from my internship and how I grew from it. 

What excites you most about college life?

I’m really looking forward to getting to know new people in my dorm and to focus more on my major. 

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