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Year started at Concordia:

2013 (8th grade)

Which university are you planning to attend and what affected your choice

I am attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. I've been interested in cars and drawing cars for as long as I can remember, so I knew since middle school (or even before that) that I wanted to design cars for a living. Art Center is famous for its transportation design program, so I ended up realizing my childhood dream to work towards becoming a car designer. Since I knew the exact school I wanted to apply come senior year, I applied to Art Center first and (thankfully) got accepted and didn't apply or get accepted to any other college.

What made your applications stand out?

In my opinion, I was very geared into the exact field I wanted to go into so I took many classes and attended many activities that helped my resume stand out. For instance, I was encouraged by my counselor to try different art programs early in my high school career which not only helped me hone in on my drawing abilities but also helped solidify my passion. Although I was very specific I also wanted to be well rounded in other aspects, playing tennis and basketball, joining Boy Scouts, and being a part of 2 honor societies, which I all attributed to playing a major role in my acceptance apart from my academics.

Which classes, programs helped support your interest in your major?

Throughout my four years of high school, I've taken 7 different fine art courses from Clayworks to AP Studio Art that all helped support my interest and develop my skills as an artist. I was able to get a lot of artistic inspiration and support from my peers and teachers through these fine art classes. Extracurricular programs that I've taken part in such as the iLens photography club or the FnPC (Fashion and production club) have all provided me with a comfortable space to create and share my own designs and more importantly, express my passion as a designer and artist. 

What other activities (clubs, teams, projects) stand out to you as having enriched your high school experience?

The social entrepreneurship class and advanced social entrepreneurship classes played a major role in enriching my high school experience. I'd like to tell underclassmen and peers that are interested that Social Entrepreneurship is the most unique and important class I've taken in Concordia. The things we get to do in class and the fact that we get to run a business hands on as student is an extremely valuable and important experience. In my opinion, the concepts I've learned in social entrepreneurship are much more useful and applicable compared to many other classes offered in Concordia.

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