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Year started at Concordia:


Which university are you planning to attend and what affected your choice?

I am planning on attending Colorado School of Mines. When I started looking at what universities I wanted to apply to, I looked for schools that had a strong engineering program and had a competitive baseball team that I could be a part of. School of Mines fit both of these conditions perfectly.

Was there a particular program that interested you? (If you have been accepted in multiple universities, please share colleges where you got accepted)

School of Mines has a competitive division 2 baseball team and an amazing engineering program. Baseball and engineering are my two biggest passions so my decision to attend Mines was an easy one to make.

What made your applications stand out (in your opinion)?

My application process was easy and simple. School of Mines was the only school I applied to and I was give the opportunity to complete “Golden Admissions Application.” This meant I did not have to write an essay or did I have to pay an application fee.

Which classes, programs/teachers helped support your interest in your major?

My counselor Mr. Compton was the first one to introduce me to Mines, without him I probably would never have found it. Mr. Klammer and Mr. Beckman have also helped support my interest in engineering.

What other activities (clubs, teams, projects) stand out to you as having enriched your high school experience?

Having the opportunity to participate in Volleyball and Track & Field  is something I am very grateful for. If it weren’t for my move to Shanghai, I would never of had the opportunity to participate in them.


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