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Year started at Concordia:


Which university are you planning to attend and what affected your choice?

I chose this school because its program for industrial design is one of the best and that made me want to try and apply. Another reason to why I chose this school was because many Concordia Alumni have also applied and went. Yukine and Sarah, Concordia Alumni, have all said good things about it and I think that has had some influence on me.

Was there a particular program that interested you? (If you have been accepted in multiple universities, please share colleges where you got accepted)

I want to go into industrial design.

What made your applications stand out (in your opinion)?

For me, I think that my portfolio stood out the most. I worked very hard on it over the past two years. Even though the process was stressful I received lots of help and encouragement from my teachers. Through this process, I have improved my skills in design and improved my work ethic.

Which classes, programs/teachers helped support your interest in your major?

One class I enjoyed a lot was the social enterprise class. It opened my eyes to the complexity and thought that goes into a business and it has shown me what it would be like to work in a real company. It may not be extremely related to my major, but business is also something that I want to go into in the future. Psychology is also something that I would like to go into and the only reason that I become interested in psychology was because I took the AP psychology class. The way the class was taught helped me learn a lot. Instead of just memorizing information, we were taught the concepts and had lots of interactive activities to help us understand the different terms. Finally, Ms.Collins was one of the teachers that really helped me in Concordia. She has taught many of my high school art classes. She lets everyone express themselves with art and encourages creativity. I enjoyed her classes so much that I would use my study halls to go to her art classes. After I took her applied design class that's when I knew really wanted to go into design. The class that impacted me the most, however, was AP art history. It really made me fall in love and appreciate art on a more detailed level.

What other activities (clubs, teams, projects) stand out to you as having enriched your high school experience?

I think that all the clubs that I participated in taught me leadership and most importantly collaboration. I think that these two characteristics are very important, especially for when we go to college. It is important that learn how to be independent and how to take care of ourselves, that is one thing that Concordia teaches us well.


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