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Road to College

Which university are you planning to attend and what influenced your choice?

Wellesley College. I knew I wanted to attend a small liberal arts college where there is an abundance of resources and faculty support, just like Concordia’s small community and the accessible research & extracurricular opportunities here. Most importantly, Concordia is where I found my passion and leadership, and attending a women’s college will strengthen these skills and help me achieve my goals of making a difference in my field.

Was there a particular program that interested you when choosing where to apply?

I am really interested in Wellesley’s Peace and Justice major. I applied early decision to Wellesley because the college fulfills my academic pursuits of a strong international relations program and abundant research opportunities. Also, it perfectly fits my personal qualities of leadership, service, curiosity, and diversity.

In your opinion, what made your application(s) stand out?

At Concordia, I am able to complete 4 year-round research projects, design a farm project in my Global Development class, visit Israel and the West Bank for my research project, take amazing applied classes such as Shanghai Studies and epidemiology, win with my Original Oratory speech during my first year on the forensics team – all because of the endless support and lifelong relationships I have found at Concordia’s community. I would not have met all the amazing people and truly discovered myself if it wasn’t for these 4 years at Concordia.

What excites you most about college life?

I cannot wait to challenge myself further: join the debate society, row on Lake Waban, take classes at MIT, complete my Boston museum checklist, and visit Myanmar for my research project. The opportunities are endless!

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