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What Parents Can Do To Encourage Good Reading Habits

A 2013 survey published in the UK newspaper, The Guardian, has shown that children who read for pleasure not only have improved language and comprehension skills, greater empathy towards others but they also get, on average, better results in their exams later in their school life, even maths. Educators teach the technical aspects of reading, but it is parents who have the most influence when it comes to inspiring a love of reading. So, what can you do?

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Building Better Relationships Through Better Listening

We all want to be heard and understood. Knowing that others are taking the time to actively listen to us helps build stronger bonds and more positive relationships with those around us. This rings especially true for young children, so it is important for parents to talk and listen to their child. In this article, early childhood teacher Anne Gribble shares ways to practice active listening that help strengthen bods and respect between parents and children.

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Everything You Need to Know About Concordia’s New Fall University Fair

Each spring, Concordia International School Shanghai hosts the Concordia World University Fair (CWUF), an event that gives high school students in Shanghai access to college reps and alumni from top universities around the globe. This year, in addition to the annual spring fair, the school will host a fall fair aimed at helping upper high school students further explore potential schools ahead of some of the early application deadlines.

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Today’s Teaching Powered by Tech

The first priority we K-12 teachers have is to establish a positive relationship with all of our students. Our challenge is to prepare our students for a life of learning, growth, and collaboration in both formal and informal settings.To accomplish this task, we teach content and skills, model behaviors, and employ instructional strategies and tools that maximize the teaching/learning process and foster the teacher-student relationship.

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It Takes a Community

An old African proverb states that “it takes a village to raise a child.” It has also been argued in more recent times that “it takes a family to raise a child.” But in the school environment, where we focus on education, what does it take? In reflecting on my experiences at Concordia, I believe the answer is clear— it takes a community to educate a child...

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Source: Shine.com
Concordia student Ashley Tang has explored the little-known world of Thailand's coral reef, and in her article featured in Shanghai Daily she gives insight into a program that lets Concordia students do their part to help save this struggling ecosystem. Read more.