Concordia Shanghai Alumni

Sophie Ideker, Class of 2017

Sophie Ideker, Class of 2017

What are some of the most memorable and impactful moments at Concordia in Choir/Fine Arts?  

The most memorable moments at Concordia in choir were going to APAC and connecting with people from around Asia who all had similar interests in singing and choir. I also loved going to New York with Chamber Strings and Jazz Band and being able to share our music with people outside our community in Shanghai.

How did your involvement in music/the performing arts help you to get where you are today?

My involvement in music helped me understand what good musicianship sounds/looks like and how rare it is to be able to come together with people who have a similar understanding and skill level of music.

Did you/do you participate in any musical/theatre groups at university? Please list.

Private voice lessons once a week – on-going

One semester with IU’s All-Campus Choir

Dance classes: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, on-going

Musical: Cast member of a student written production – to be performed in March 2019

When you look back at your time spent at Concordia how important was your time spent in choir? And how do these memories compare to your AP classes?

My choir memories are much more meaningful and memorable than my memories in AP classes. I enjoyed choir much more and found my choir time more important to my activities later (now).

Are you involved in music now? 

I take private voice lessons through IU and have recently been cast in a student-written and -directed musical. I take ballet, tap and jazz dance classes and piano lessons as well. I also sang with IU’s All-Campus Choir for one semester. I attend musicals at the IU Auditorium and occasionally go to IU student operas and musicals, as well as concerts and recitals.

What will you do with your music/performing arts experiences/expertise as you go forward in life? 

I would like to continue auditioning for roles in musicals and learning music.

Did singing with Chamber Singers, creating music together as a group, inspire/influence/drive any goals….or teamwork…..or hobbies that you are working towards today?

Yes, I still would like to find a choir to join and I continue to enjoy musical theatre.